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Yellowcard Violins Lyrics

Last updated: 06/18/2009 11:00:00 AM

I am just another fool, and I have to, keep telling myself that
I am just a hypocrit, and I have to, keep calling you one
And I forgot to bite my tongue, and* my assumption, was* the mother of all mistakes
So I assume the role, open my mouth, and clumsy words escape

So why you, wanna to be there, when you could be here, you are slipping away

I awake with your replacement, a bottle in my grasp, in an unfamiliar place
Because you put me out, the butt of a sick joke, into this ashtray life
As you come and go, and* I forgot to service you, and we broke down
And you can't live with my mistakes, so* I assume false grace
Open my arms and grasp at something true

How are you, how have you been, girl I miss you, wanna see you again

So why you, wanna to be there, when you could be here, you are slipping away

I bring out the worst in you, and* you try and let me know
You bring out the worst in me, anxiety, anxiety
I'm trying to let you go, you say I'm giving you the creeps
So I assume the role, open my claws and grasp for your heart

[repeat chorus]
Into you like a mortal stake so vindictive
Your love's slipping away

Violins, into this ashtray life
Violins, the butt of your sick joke
Violins, I'm trying hard to let you go

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Bullshit | Reviewer: Tuete | 6/18/09

That song isn't half as good as the original. You probably never heard the original song. And I don't think about the acoustic version from Joey Cape, cause this song was covered from his earlier version from the Album "Hoss". Pah...why am I telling you that, keep staring at your Yellowcard poster. By the way I saw both live in Germany, and Lagwagon is the definetly the better live band and they have the better audience. If you try to mosh at a Yellowcard concert, you have to apologize: Oh sorry, I touched you. Fuck Yellowcard, celebrate Lagwagon.

With a nod to Dustin Moczydlowski | Reviewer: Gatita | 3/16/09

Heya Dustin- I am one of those 14 year old female Yellowcard fans who started listening in 2004. But I have all, and I mean ALL, [as in all the way back to Where We Stand and whatnot], their music. I know the lyrics by heart- all of them- and have seen them live. And now it's been 5 years and I must say that I'm still sore at being reduced to a stereotype.

But back to the more relevant topic- the song itself. I agree that it's a bit similar in lyrics to "The Underdog," especially "Avondale" in it's sort of painful, sarcastic, and still charmingly intense style. *I stuck a knife into his back, inventiveness is what I lack...etc.* However, it's much less poppy in terms of style, which is really where the difference lies. Bottom line is that this is a great song, really spectacular!

Cover | Reviewer: Riley | 2/23/07

I'm not a big Yellowcard fan, but I won't lie, this is a good cover. Joey Cape of lagwagon also does this song good acoustic.

AWESOME! | Reviewer: cait | 9/22/04

yellowcard are so great and this is just one more song to add to there really long list of awesome songs. playin the electric violin myself i no what its like to be presured to follow the trends and take up base or something. Yellowcard r and inspiring band and great to listen to. revolutionised the world of punk!

RE: A Throwback! | Reviewer: Dustin Moczydlowski | 8/26/04

I for got to add this line to my review. "Thank you Yellowcard for perfecting Lagwagon's original lyrics!"

A throwback! | Reviewer: Dustin Moczydlowski | 8/26/04

This is a great new song. It reminds me of the great lyrics from The Underdog EP. This song isn't for the little 10-14 year old girls that started listening to Yellowcard in 2004. Thanks to Mr. Sean Mackin for the great Violin notes!