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Fifteen Violation II Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 04:21:46 AM

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In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue for love of god and me and you(no)
In 1941 we intervened to stop the spread of world fascism(no)
Listen up boys and girls it's the history of the whole world and you know it's true(no)
6 million jews they call it genocide 100 million native americans what
an unfortunate price for todays quality of life
All people every person experiences violation
When told what is right and told what is wrong
And todl what to do under the threat of violent intimidation
Virus kills us now virus kills us then over and over and again and again
Sun goes down in my town Berkeley CA sold me on too many dreams of justice and brotherhood
Sun goes down in my town Berkeley CA sold me on too many dreams of peace on the earth in our time
In 1969 my forefathers(mothers) said stop this land is his and hers and yours and mine
In 1992 Rosebud sailed the sky so blue she gave her life for me and you
All people...
Sun goes down in my town
I believe in me. I make my dreams end.

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