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Vindsval Biography

Last updated: 05/08/2006

The band Vindsval came forth in Luxemburg in the year 1996 as the successor of "Dregoth", an extreme metal band founded by Hagalaz (guitars), Tyrann (lyrics, vocals) and Berzerk (guitars). Its name originates from northern mythology where winter's father is called "Vindsval". In 1997, Vindsval was helped out by Shadow, the drummer of the fellow luxemburgish black-metal band "Black Candle". With his participation, the first and only demo-tape "Of Heathen Blood And Soil" was recorded in the very same year on August 16th. Always having trouble in finding appropriate rehearsal rooms in Luxemburg, Vindsval decided to move on to Karlsruhe, the partial home (for studying purposes) of most of the members.

By this decision the band had to leave Shadow and, in 1998, found a new drummer in Boltthorn, originally playing in the luxemburgish heavy-metal band "Dreams Of Nabid". With this line-up and after only half a dozen rehearsals, Vindsval entered the Psycho-Sound-Studios in Karlsruhe from 15th to 17th of February 1999 to record their debut-album "Imperium Grotesque", with Hagalaz also playing bass. Shortly after the release of the self-produced and -financed debut, the band came to meet Might, former bassist of the progressive-metal band "Timesphere" and only german member of the band, whose musical abilities made him enter Vindsval. In the year 2000, Vindsval signed a deal with "Skaldic Art Productions", a label run by Vratyas Vakyas (Falkenbach) and the home of Ordo Draconis, Obsidian Gate, Menhir, Rivendell and Furthest Shore.

The first Skaldic Art action for Vindsval was the re-release of the "Imperium Grotesque" debut with an enhanced artwork and good distribution / promotion conditions. At the end of the year 2001, Vindsval finally entered the Prosseco-Studios (former Psycho-Sound-Studios), to record a new masterpiece in Grotesque Metal called "The Great Maddening". This album will see the light of the world in summer 2002, so watch out and go slightly mad!