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BORN: April 12, 1957, Norman, OK

"This one is country from top to bottom." That's how Vince
Gill describes The Key, his latest MCA Nashville
collection. At a time when "country" is used to describe
just about any style recorded in Nashville, leave it to
Vince to remind us that this music does have authentic
roots and branches.

"There are a lot of left-field country records out there,"
he observes. "And I've certainly made my share of them. But
lately I've found myself just missing real, true country
music. Searching the radio, you More...

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Reviews about Vince Gill songs

In loving memory of my father | Reviewer: Edward Dovey
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

My father died on the 25th March, 2010. He was 60. He'd been suffering in silence for a while, he died of Liver Failure. He was too stubborn to let the family know, so when he died, it came as a shock to us all. I was asked to organise the music and read the eulogy for my father, which I was more than proud to do. After searching the internet for the "right" song, Vince Gill's "Go Rest High" just leapt out at me. Thankyou Vince for such a powerful, but yet so beautiful, song. Dad, if you're watching, I love you, and miss you. Rest In Peace big guy!

Whenever you come around | Reviewer: John Emerson
    ------ About the song Whenever You Come Around performed by Vince Gill

When very young, I had to 'stay very much out of everyone's way' and learned to entertain myself, which expressed itself in art, where I came to repeatedly drawing a wonderful haunting female face. The perfection, emotion of it 'disturbed' everyone (Even me), until 'pubescence arrived' and 'washed it away' (That is), until one day, I heard a female disc-jockey respond to a country song in a way that so moved me, I was compelled to (And did) call, inspire her, since she was no longer just a pleasant voice, but 'a feeling, caring individal, deserving of reinforcement'. She was as inspired as she had moved me and I offered to meet her at Ghirardelli Square, (Only to recieve her prfessional photo and (You guessed it!)That 'haunting face' I'd drawn 'to perfection' in child-hood, was 'To the very LINE! HER!!! It so deeply frightened me, I was simply unable to keep the appointment and excused myself, (Within), on account of lies (Male djs there) told me about her (Fueled I later learned, by her rejection of THEM!) I'll never know where her face may have taken this life and to this day, wonder. She'd remember me as 'The guy who brought her barbecue and often asked her to play 'Whenever you come around' (Sang by Vince Gill)I can't hear it today, without feeling an emotion 'emptying', beyond my ability to describe. Her face will 'haunt me', 'til I die.

For my mother | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

My mother passed away on December 21, 2007 and this was the first time I had ever heard this song. It so typified the life my mom had. She was left a widow at age 37 and had 7 children to raise on her own. I do not know where she got the strength. When I heard this song, I cried my eyes out and I am no young man (59 at the time) When I think of all the suffering my mom had in life, physically, mentally and financially I always admired her courage.

Rest in Peace Mom, I love you

my aunt. | Reviewer: Megan
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

My aunt passed away a few weeks ago. and it was very touching for me. we were very close. This song was played at her funeral. and everytime i here this song i cry. This song is a very good song. Her life ended way to short. she was only 41. She was a very good person. She could always make anyone around her, any of her family members, or just some friends laugh. She had the most sweetest, voice. We would do a lot of things together:)
I love you michelle, and i will always have you in my heart, r.i.p michelle.

lady reading over Vince | Reviewer: Dee
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

Vinces song...Go Rest High On The Mountain was played at my sisters funeral....I have found a song ....that I cannot get any info on.....a lady is reading a poem during Vinces song......I believe it is my sister.....can anyone give me an idea who is singing this or who the lady is ?I cannot find this song on lime or any other music one has ever heard it ....all I get are are bunch of to title and song....Does anyone out ther know who this lady could be that is doing the voice over to Vinces song?? I want to believe this is my dead sister Judy ....but I am also not open to wo wo junk....there has to be a perfectuly actual answer to this ....thanks.....

Pain | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

Following my mother's death in 1991, I remember hearing this song some three of four years later. The pain I have felt these 17 years is unbearable. I have pushed so many people away for fear they may leave me too. Listening to this song over the past 13 or 14 years is one of the only releases I have.
My mother left this world due to suicide, and I still can't understand why. She was a brilliant person and a godly individual. My anger is great for this world and when I listen to this song, it bring forgiveness to my soul. To this day I still have trouble visiting her grave site. My prayer today is that I will love again and trust in my self to be happy. I thank Vince GILL for writting this song, as it shows me light at the end of this painful life I have lived.
Thank you,
David (

We played my grandma's favorite song at her funeral | Reviewer: Rod Fogle
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

This is the most amazing song I have ever heard because I heard it for the first time at my grandma's funeral Wed 3/19. Now I know why this was my grandma's most favorite song. This song brought tears to my eyes and it now ranks as one my top songs. Thank you Mr. Gill for this song because it made my 95 year old grandma smile in Heaven.

Papa | Reviewer: Stacey Watson
    ------ About the song Go Rest High On That Mountain performed by Vince Gill

I am singing this at my grandpa's funeral. I love this song, he kept me singing my entire life. If you don't mind, Pray for me. Please. I will need all the strength I can get.

beautiful | Reviewer: sam
    ------ About the song I Still Believe In You performed by Vince Gill

This song is amazing, its so powerful and strong. the song alone make you shiver, it has this amazing power to block everything out.

its an amazing song, and Vine Gills voice is the perfect sound for it. to listen to is an absolute pleasure.

Heart Felt | Reviewer: Dan Wentworth
    ------ About the song What You Give Away performed by Vince Gill

Vinces voice and compassion giv this song an emotional personna that gives soulful people a mirror to look into and ponder "are we doing enogh" and is self wealth really that important.

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