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Our father thy will be done
I have denied this life its worth
I will not be the victim
Sickness to you my master
Heres to getting worse
Hope it kills you faster
Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out
This vigil burns
Until the day our fires overtake you.
Our father we forsake you
Blessed be his name
Nothing now the same
Ask me why I hate
Why I've prayed to see the nation that I love disintegrate
And gladly give my life
The revolution regenerates
In honor of the strife of those who've died
In generations before for your blood stained glory
I reject you
I deny you
I defy you to continue
I defy you to continue
In honor of the strife of those who've died
In generations before for your blood stained glory
I reject you
I deny you
I defy you to continue
Smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered

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L.O.G | Reviewer: Matthew Hicks | 10/3/12

Lamb of god is one of the best metal bands out there. not comparing to killswitch engage because thats more of a rock type of metel band. but people who care that much about how this song isnt religous can just stop listening to the song. if you dont like it then too bad get over it. if you do then keep listening to it, dont get on here just to be a dushe bag.

LoG | Reviewer: Dan D | 5/22/12

Honestly i aint gonna give a fuck bout religion till im on my death bead ... LoG fucken rocks and so does randy if theyre christian .. let em be ... Tom Araya lead singer of SLAYER is catholic and he still fucken rocks !!!

Smite the damned shepherd already! | Reviewer: The Lamb Left Behind | 6/22/11

(Just realized that "My 2¢ On Lamb Of God's Religious Standings" is my own review after more than a year).
Jesus is my bitch. Fuck Jesus and everything his name has ever done to the world. Whether Lamb Of God is Christian doesn't mean a fuck to me. Their music and lyrics are still the greatest that any metal band will ever create. In terms of anti-war sentiments, "Now You've Got Something To Die For" will come close in comparison only to songs like "War Pigs" from Black Sabbath. As for anti-Christian sentiments? I believe "The Faded Line" sums it up in two lines: "familiar touch, a ritual to numb the cut." Obviously a dig at religion and how it simply soothes the commonly-senseless soul.

Correction Some DB | Reviewer: Mike | 4/16/11

To: "smite the sheperd and the sheep will be scattered | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

actually the song is a metaphor striving to remove us from the chains of capitalism, the filth of religion and mass-media and politics...hence the last a sense a lot of log's music is directed that sparking a revolution for a new age of freedom"

Capitalism is is the ability of any two willing parties to enter into a mutually beneficial agreement. The use is NOT capitalism it is Fascism where large multinational corporations USE the government to force their wants and desires on the people. Government is simply a monopoly on violence and this is pimped out to the highest bidders. So you don't not know of what you speak.

L.O.G reject evil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

'Our Father thy will be done' means not denied God will.
But he denied life with its worth.
he hate evil or dark side every man 'his master' and said 'sickness to you' because 'evil' is not the way but in the end will 'getting worse'.
l.o.g waiting the apocalypse 'until the day our fires overtake evil and our Father will forsake evil' Amen.. blessed be His Name..

Lamb OF God | Reviewer: guru | 11/7/10

lamb of god rules this song kicks a$$.......what kills me is a bad a$$ tune like this on youtube only has a few thousand views how queer but if it was lady gag me it would be in the millions just goes to show how brainwashed people are...LONG LIVE TRUE AMERICAN METAL ;)

LoG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

I just think Lamb of God uses biblical allusions in their lyrics to make a point about modern day politics. I love this band so much because of the lyrics, and because Randy Blythe is the best metal singer ever IMO. I love every song, Vigil is a sick song

smite the sheperd and the sheep will be scattered | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

actually the song is a metaphor striving to remove us from the chains of capitalism, the filth of religion and mass-media and politics...hence the last a sense a lot of log's music is directed that sparking a revolution for a new age of freedom

Biblical references | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

Someone above said they dont make references to the bible other than their names. Omerta, taking of the 30 peices of silver; one gun has "So let the wicked perish in the presence of God" a direct quote; and mentioning Peter and Paul in Another nail for your coffin... just fyi. Favorite band btw

...but | Reviewer: Pönä | 2/14/10

From the opinion of a 15 year old finnish boy, this song is about revenging a fathers death and failing so the son complains (i don't know the right word) on his dying bed. Maybe a bit "talking" to his disease?

religion....anti-religion....???? | Reviewer: rambo | 1/14/10

first of al..... Hail... lamb of god.... they r jus so fuckin awesome.... wel just because they named themselves as burn th priest earlier" it doesn't mean they r anti"christ... well we all know as the bible says that the religious leaders were th ones who crucified jesus... well this shows tht even 2day priests can be really fuckd up dudes... Many churches across the world have created their own doctrines and principles which r really meaningless... well th church i go to has problems wit tatoos and piercings!!! wen they said burn the priest they actually probably meant to burn these kinda orthodox priests!!! almost every church despises metal and says its the devil's music... which is so fuckin wrong!!! lamb of god may not be religious... but they definitely aren't satanists!! the ruin music vid makes it so obvious wt lamb of god wants t convey wen it comes t religion... Christianity is not a religion... religion is for losers and fuckers!!! christianity is a personnal relationship btwn man and god!!!

Religious band? | Reviewer: Matt | 11/2/09

I agree with some of the previous points, that they are against organised rligion.

We see this clearly in the last line of Vigil...
Smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered... i believe randy is relating this directly as a metaphore for organised religion... the sheep are people... and sheep need a shepherd to follow and be herded and directed by... in this case the shepherd is religion itself... and if these sheep how follow religion have the shepherd taken away from them, then they will scatter and feel lost in the world.
This could also be where they take inspiration for the name Lamb of God... maybe they felt that "Burn the Priest" was too much of a direct aggression towards religion, and felt the need for change if they were going to spread their fanbase (afterall, a lot of cunts might feel offended by the name Burn the Priest, which they may have seen as a restriction)

Matt x

My 2¢ On Lamb Of God's Religious Standings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

I've heard people call Lamb Of God a "Christian Metal" band (what's next, Christian Satanists? Christian pagans?) My only retort has ever been the fact that their original name was Burn The Priest, as any die-hard fan like myself knows.
They do bash on organized religion, but never directly Christianity itself--that's just the most obvious target. As a devout atheist who is stoutly anti-organized religion, I love this aspect of the music; as someone with a deep interest in politics as well as anti-war sentiments, I love that aspect of the music too.
But here's what I think: if LoG are, in fact, a "Christian Metal" band, what does it matter? They despise organized religion anyway; I think they have a very acute sense of injustice in the world. What else do they frequently sing about in many of their songs? They relate parts of The Bible--particularly The Book of Revelations--to the state of the world. Listen to "Reclamation" off Wrath. Clearly, Randy's lyrics are about the coming Armageddon/Apocalypse, and how we're to blame for it's impending, inevitable approach.
Dear God whom I don't believe in, I love Lamb Of God for everything they are and do.

to clear it all up a bit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/09

despite the two names of this band, lamb of god, formerly burn the priest... there is barely any reference to religion in their music... if there is, its like the other dude said, to get a point across. their first three albums, up to and including ashes of the wake, were mostly political. sacrament is their first album to contain no political lyrics, dealing primarily with randys state of depression whilst recording the album.
no fuckin clue what wrath is on about yet tho =p

Vigil | Reviewer: Tbone | 4/29/09

They didn't like our old band. They didn't do any research whatsoever. I mean we don't sing about religion at all, we aren't Satanists or anything, there's a much more political feel to the band. They didn't do their research, they were morons. But it's cool 'cause I'm still getting publicity out of it. CNN interviews us so it was like "thanks dude, you�re giving us press, we sold more records this week."

Randy Blythes exact words. Now can everybody shut the fuck up about this bullshit called religion.. Its about the music, the power, the feeling. not religion.. feel free to email me if youd like

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