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John Mayer Victoria Lyrics

Last updated: 06/20/2011 11:00:00 AM

don't know why Tori came by
but I could see by the look in her eyes
Tory'd been driving 'round the town for a while

playing with the thought of leaving

don't know why, but Tori just smiled
and mentioned something about how you were right
must have been hard to see through the tears she was hiding

she said "I might not be seeing him soon"
"I've got a few things I've been waiting to do"

hey, Tori came by
Tori came by tonight
hey, Tori came by
she says to say goodbye

looked outside at the car in the drive
and the suitcase on the back seat inside
sure it's so she can't look out behind at the road

she said "I might not be seeing him soon"
"I've got a few things I've been waiting to do"

hey, Tori came by
Tori came by tonight
hey, Tori came by
she says to say goodbye

don't look down, she seemed alright
you might be asking where is Tori tonight?
somewhere out on the highway I'm sure she's fine

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What a touching song | Reviewer: Ashton | 6/20/11

This song is such a great piece of art because it really connects with me in many many many ways. It is 5 1/2 years to the date today that I lost my fiance to suicide. She was amazing to me and I loved her so much and she proposed to me 1 week before she committed suicide. A few years later my cousin was moving to his own place and gave me John Mayer's CD Inside Wants Out and told me to listen to this song. I cried the whole first time I heard it because it was all reminding me about my fiance and how we spent times together that I cherish now that she's gone. I am reminded of the last three lines of the song, "Don't look down, she seemed alright, you might be asking where is Tori tonight? Somewhere out on the highway I'm sure she's fine." These lines make me realize that no matter what, my fiance is in a better place now and it is important to think about what she would have wanted for me in my life, rather than dwelling on things that coulda shoulda woulda happened. I want to encourage everyone to listen to this song and think about everything that is mentioned and how your life can be changed because of it. I really enjoy this song and I think that this is one of the best songs I have heard in a LONG time.

What I Got... | Reviewer: yursavior | 4/29/11

It seems to me be a song about a girl(Tori) whom John (or the first person) by which the story is being told) is fixated on yet, he can't have her like he'd like because she's in love with someone else, who she is both preoccupied with and (literally) running away from...Perhaps he beats her or treats Tori unlike John would. You don’t really know that, I’m just assuming. Perhaps my mind is wondering too much. I write too. ;)

The song to me assumes that John may've been a victim of the "too much of a nice guy syndrome" and he often to his dismay was often the guy girl's were just friends with...;-P

THAT song | Reviewer: Grey Sweatpants and No Makeup(: | 12/20/09

I heard this song...maybe three years ago at my dads house and KEPT listening to it. Like, I was addicted. And I knew who was singing it, but I think I was too young to really appreciate his lyrics and the message, so I decided I would only like this song(probably 'cause I like the melody.) And then today while I was listening to every John Mayer song anyone has ever mentioned to me(because over the past few months, I've become quite the fan) I heard this song, and I was like, "Oh my goodness! THIS is THAT song! Oh my GOD!!!" So, yeah. This is an amazing song...and I love it and John Mayer(:

beloved persons | Reviewer: payung | 11/28/09

i love this song. this is so amazing. i don't really understand what this song tells about. but this song inspires me to take care my beloved persons better than before. especially for my sister.
take care your beloved persons....(^-^)

my love for john mayer | Reviewer: Tori | 1/28/09

my name is tori and my boyfriend got me realy into john mayer and ive loved all his songs ive heard. this song realy touches me because my boyfriend just recently left for college and every night i think about just leaving everything behind and driving up to see him. every night i listen to john mayer's song and it makes me fall in love with my boyfriend all over again. i realy relate to this song cuz i feel like when he left a big piece of me left with him so i know alot of people ask about me cuz im always alone. i can be a realy quiet person esp when feeling hurt or confused. just in general this song means ALOT to me and it always will.

Odd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/08

this is such an interesting song. my name is victoria and i go by tori. ive been thinking about how to get out of where i am right now and wanting to just take a drive to no where. its odd how much it applies to me.

Interesting | Reviewer: Victoria | 10/21/08

I really like this song. I dont like John Mayer, but I do like this song. This song reflects myself as a person, refusing to cry about things, and I like the last lines, "Somewhere out on the highway
I'm sure that she's fine". Just because everyone always says that about me. Oh Im sure shes fine, shes strong, she can handle it, we dont ever have to worry about Tori. But yeah, really like it! ^_^

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/08

My name isn't Tori, its Sauda and this song has me love John Mayer and his songwriting even more! I love John Mayer and inspires me to be a great songwriter. To be my best as a songwriter. Thank you John Mayer for such a beautiful song.

amazing | Reviewer: victoria | 8/8/08

this song is soo amazing.
it made me cry.
i had to think about the wonderful guys ive left.
and the stupid jerks i should have left.
i was jus looking for songs to put on my webpage. ones that had my name in them.
i sad john mayer. and i thot it must be pretty cool.
it is.
and i am going to put it on my page right away.
it jus made me have to remember the great guys in my life. and how i've let some of them down.

yesss | Reviewer: tori | 7/28/08

this song is amazing. my name is tori, obviously, and i love it. john mayer is awesome, and i love that he named it victoria and used tori in the song. its perfect. a little mixed up for my life specifically, because i said goodbye when i didnt want to, to an amzaing boy.. but i still love it. what a great song.. and the name is the best. (;