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Victoria Dawn Justice was born February 19, 1993 in Hollywood Florida, her first word was "dadda". Her heritage is Puerto Rican on her mother's side and mostly of Irish descent on her father's side along with German and English. At the age of 8 Victoria decided she wanted to become an actress and began her career by modeling and doing a lot of TV commercials before she and her family decided to move from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California in 2003. In 2003, Victoria got a guest role in The Gilmore Girls episode The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles , she played Jill #2. In 2005… More Victoria was in the short film Mary were she played Stella. Later that year Victoria guest stared as Rebbeca on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" on the episode "The Fairest of Them All" . Later in the same year Victoria played "Young Nikki" in When Do We Eat? . Later in the year again (around November) Victoria played Rose in the TV movie, Silver Bells . Also in 2005 Victoria got well known for her role as Lola Martinez in the Nickelodeon hit show Zoey 101 , were she co-starred from season 2 till the shows finish 2008. The following year (2006) Victoria appeared in the movie The Garden where she played Holly. Later the same year Everwood casted Victoria for a guest appearance in the episode Enjoy the Ride were she played Thalia Thompson. Later the same year Victoria played "Daughter" in the movie Unknown . Victoria is in the upcoming movies The Kings of Appletown were she plays Betsy, and Spectacular were she plays Tammi. In her personal life Victoria is best friends (and has been since being babies) with her co-star on Zoey 101 Alexa Nikolas . She is good friends with co-stars Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood (has known Underwood since they were very little).

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i am for sure 100% that i am ur no. 1 fan | Reviewer: areena | 9/5/14

victoria justice OMG i love u so much it is my dream to meet u and i have listened and rehearsed each and every song of yours and actually researched about u alot.u are soooo beautiful and the best star in the whole world for me!your singing is awesome and cool and even though i have noucht met you i just looooove u tooo much and would love to take a pic of me and u and of course your autograph!luv u bye. no.1 fan!

I love victoria justice | Reviewer: Amah sarah | 6/7/14

Hi Vicky i really love u so much, u're amazing beautiful,cute, sexy and u have a beautiful voice and if there's one tin i want to take from u z ur autograph because i love u so much and i really love 2 play your song over and over because i really love your song and your voice, love u...and i will like to have a sister like u...u and beck really u guys..go Vicky....go Vicky much....

I loooove victoria | Reviewer: Felix musonda | 1/27/14

Victoria justice is soo pretty she is like the sunrising. Knowing her is the one of the best thing that has happened. She is a good actress, singer, songwriter and i admire her personality. I loooove you 100%. I will continue being your biggest fun for enternity (if you won't change your personality).

I loooovvvee VICTORIA justice | Reviewer: Yaka | 11/27/13

I watch all victorious is episode and you are my idol so we have this thing at my school that is named celebrity day and I am going to dress up as you so I always groove to you songs s o I wish you good luck on your career and don't let me down

Hi my name is kamila and i'm 14 years old | Reviewer: kamila | 8/22/13

Hi my name is kamila and i love so much victoria justice she is my idol.Victoria justice is really cool she is my favorite actor on victorios, my dream is to meet and make a picture

cuttest girl i ever seen | Reviewer: ell | 6/23/13

Victoria dawn justice the name is very sweet and the meaning is too sweet and she is toooooooooo sweet i like her very much couz she is very tlanted she is very cute girl i ever seen if i get a chance to meet a chracter from victorious i would choose victoria justice

i really really love victoria justice | Reviewer: victoria,s lover ray | 6/21/13

Hey my name is ray and I love victoria justice when i see her first time in the song all i want is everything she looks verryyyyyy cute i love her so much if i get a chance to meet her i can do anything i have a sister she looks like victoria justice and i often tell her please give your autograph and she said to me that are you crazy i daily pray to god please give me a chance to meet her please someone help mee please please please i love victoria even i have not met her yet but soon as i hope for love u forever in my life GO VICTORIA!!! GO VICTORIA!!!

why your cool | Reviewer: James | 6/19/13

Your cool because you starred in some of my favorite shows especially victorious.I also think the songs you sing from victorious are awesome. I really like Take a hint. You and liz were great!

I love you | Reviewer: Victoria | 6/8/13

Hi my name is Victoria Payne and I love your name because it is my name and you have the same birthday as me February 19.If I could any celebrity I would chose you because I love you.I like Victorious and Zoey 101.I watch them when they come on.I have a book about you and I love it.I know you have a little sister named Madison and I have a sister named Autumn.I wish I could Hang with you for a week.If I could choose any on off Victorious I would choose you.You are amazing on the shows and you are beautiful.You are cute as a baby, but I still like you now,but you were cuter as a baby.

vicky | Reviewer: bailey shew | 3/23/13

hey girl could i get your autograph that is my dream and well to see this new show with arrianna grande in it and jennete mccurdy alright well bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

victoria justice | Reviewer: Arpita | 1/18/13

hi victoria my name is arpita i watch you film victorious i whant to get your autograph and i like your voice victorious is my favourite episode i relly relly whant to get your autograph your the best.

Love Victoria | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/12

Victoria is like a great role model. She truly inspired me. Her latest song that have not been posted on youtube yet but soon will be. Her latest song,Girl Up, is like the best song with the meaning that will inspired kids and adult to do charity work and help girls who have dreams. They can possibly be the one who changed the world! I love Victoria even I havent' meet her yet, but soon as I hope for.

I'm A Fan Of Victoria's Songs! | Reviewer: Jabin | 11/5/12

I Literally Sing At Least Two Of Victoria Justice's Songs Everyday Because They Cheer Me Up. She Is My Role Model And My Idol! I Love Her So Much I Wish I Could Meet Her So Much! People Should Recognise Her Beautiful Talent Of A Gift And How She Can Make A Big Impact On The Musical Academy . If I Had A Chance To Meet Her I Would Take Her Autograph (Obviously), Sing For Her And Know Every Thing About Her. I Think She Is Beautiful Talented, Unique And Out Of This World. I think Of Her As A One Of A Kind And An Origanal!! Love You Victoria Justice For Life And Forever!!!!!

Victoria's cousin. | Reviewer: VictoriaFan#1 | 10/19/12

I am Victoria Justice's cousin. And as a family member I know that sometimes she can be rough. She has a sweet heart though. I have never lied in my life. You can ask her if you meet her which I really hope that you all do meet her. GO VIC!! GO VIC!!

I Absolutely Love Victoria Justice!! | Reviewer: VictoriaFan#1 | 10/19/12

I absolutely love Victoria Justice!! A lot of people say that they are her number one but they are not because I am!! Literaly!! I love VICTORIA JUSTICE!! I love VICTORIA JUSTICE!!

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