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The Unseen Victims Lyrics

Last updated: 07/09/2003 09:09:54 PM

This world will kick you when you're down
leave you lying on the ground will you be
it's victim? the choice is really yours
people will try to intimidate,
they take advantage and manipulate,
humanity's a vulture picking at our corpse

chorus 2x
frustrated, alienated, won't be intimidated
defiant, self-reliant, refuse to be silent

if you let them break you then your will is
not your own follow your own instincts,
you're not a mindless clone
i don't have any answers and may not know
what's right but i refuse to be a victim,
it's my fucking life

chorus 2x

i refuse to be a victim and i refuse to be ashamed
to live my life as i see fit, i'm free from blame
Thanks to Colin for submitting Victims Lyrics.