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Caliban Vicious Circle Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2007 11:00:00 AM

every day I see your face
every day I die
every day I feel your breath
every day I'm born again
you give me joy, but my thanks are just pain
and out of fear I pull myself loose again
for you I die
you are everything I need, what I desire,
but will I ever understand?
come on!
I die for you
please forgive my faults,
maybe one day I will realize what you mean (to me),
I hope it won't be too late
every time I cry,
I feel your lies
every time I die,
I see your eyes.

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Brilliant | Reviewer: Jen | 9/2/2007

One of my favourite Caliban songs. Catchy and brilliant. The speaking bit in the middle is just so amazing. Caliban are the best band in the world.

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