Vertical Horizon Lyrics

It all started at a Georgetown undergrad party in 1991...

Keith Kane was playing a weekly gig at a local club and
some people at this party talked him into providing some
free entertainment on an acoustic guitar and a small amp
that were sitting around. Also at the party was Matt
Scannell, who Kane recognized as a member of an electric
band called Fallout Shelter. After his song, Kane turned to
Scannell and asked him to take a turn. Scannell played "All
Along The Watchtower" and impressed everyone.

Kane took the chance to ask More...

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Review about Vertical Horizon songs
Don't over complicate | Reviewer: jazzlyn
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

I think this song is about a girl and a guy and there friendship. He sees her constantly making the wrong choices in love and is there for her every time. He can't do anything until she sees that he is the one who has been there the whole time. He is everything she wants and she is everything he needs.

from my experience | Reviewer: nz
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

It's about breaking up and letting go, there is something not working in the relationship though both parties had tried to reach out. Maybe both had difference that can't be compromised.
"Echoes of angels who won't return" means that the relationship could never go on. It is the end of it and there's nothing more to expect.
"I don't know why" means the person you want is not compatible with your plans and ideals in life.
"The anger of angels who won't return" is their disappointment to each other because their feelings for each other is not strong enough to get through and stay forever.
You grieve because the situation forced you to be alone and free rather than be with him but always feel uncomfortable.
"But he means nothing to you" doesn't mean he is not important, you just never had the power over the situation. You exhaust yourself asking so many questions that can no longer be answered. It is difficult to be with him but it is also difficult without him. It is a very lonely and restless situation that one has to deal with.

Good Timing | Reviewer: MinusZero
    ------ About the song Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) performed by Vertical Horizon

Found this track in Owesey's Silk Sofa Sessions guest mix just now, and having recently lost someone very special to a lack of self-esteem and bad timing, it speaks to me very well at the moment.

Apart from the line "I don't want you back", it all seems completely relevant.

I feel your pain, folks.

I miss you, Charl.

Get a clue review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

Get a clue numbnuts .... This song is about Jesus Christ in our lives and how he is always there for all of us yet taken for granted... Research the band and read some scripture and maybe you'll get a clue!

Interpretations | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

I feel that this song can be personalized to stand for whoever you are and what your relationship status, whether single, heartbroken, or together, whether straight, bi, gay, homo, hetero, however you see it.
I was thinking about my own relationship when this song just happened to play on the radio today.
My boyfriend is everything I want and need. He's there for me when I need him, we have a lot in common, get along well, and we're a great couple. He pushes me to do better in school, in the games we play together, and in life ("he's everything inside of you that you wish you could be"). He does say all the right things, but perhaps that is where my doubts lay.
The doubts are the voices, gathering in the back of my mind, and while I hide them, and deny them, they still remain. I've been hurt, and I look at the places I've been in the past with others who have broken my heart, I can't help but remember what I learned and what I felt with those people. My last boyfriend I was almost in love with, hurt me the most... And now I don't know if I can love my boyfriend now, if I can move on from the past. I feel like the person in the song who waits and wants to be hurt, who expects it and yet wants so much to hear the angels again, the beauty of being in love and loving someone else. Waiting to be put together, to be pushed away- it feels like a sad place to be, never fully healed, always hoping someone else can heal you because you can't heal yourself. You want to share the wounds, to open them anew, but he won't ask about them, doesn't dwell in the past like I do.
I feel like I am hiding, hiding myself from my boyfriend because he is the closest to me. I want to show him myself, but I see patterns re-emerging, and I'm wondering if it's all unwinding again, like all my past relationships have. But I want to stop hiding, to stop searching, to not be fine but to be happy.

My interpertation | Reviewer: Brenton
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

I think everybody has a personal interpertation for this song, so here's mine.

I've met my perfect match. She was everything I wanted in a girl. But here's the thing, even though she was everything I wanted and perfectly so, I just didn't feel anything for her besides the Love of a friend.

In the end I fell for the girl that was the complete opposite of what I wanted. I can't go a day without her in my life. Maybe that's the secret. Stop looking for the perfect person, perfect timing or perfect situation. Just go for the imperfect and awkward. You may just find perfect Love.

ugh | Reviewer: me
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

I'm the foolish girl. :(
I think elle's review (down below) pretty much sums up how i feel. my best friend in the entire world likes me, alot. and he's always there for me but i dont understand my own feelings. I'd rather be hurt by someone else then try to make it work w him. I always thought this was a christian song until i found out he posted this song about me :/ i still dont know what to do. I want him to get a little more motivated with his own life before i do this and i know this is so selfish. but i have a horrible track record so if i try to make it a romantic relationship like he wants to and i blow it like i do every other relationship then i lose everything and especially my best friends and so its between a rock and a hard place. and i havent been able to change it for more than a year now </3

Forever | Reviewer: Bhogz
    ------ About the song Forever performed by Vertical Horizon

...its like a word from God, that when no one cares for you, no one hears you, no one feels and see you: He will do them for you :3
..such sweet love
"I don't know if you hear me there
When it's darkest and no one cares
I will hear you..."

Hmm... | Reviewer: RC-S/K
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

I know nothing about this band, or their values, orientations, and what-not, but, for me, this song is about a relationship - platonic and friendly or loving and sexual - between two men.

Just my interpretation. But I am biased, considering the only reason I looked up the lyrics was because this song was the soundtrack to a youtube video I liked. Even if I wasn't, though, and I'm certain that most of you don't see the lyrics in the way I sort of fits, doesn't it? The song fits to a caring, loving relationship between two men. Some of you just don't want to admit it.

Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking that homosexuals and bisexuals have been accepted by mainstream pop culture. Yeah. My belief in the human race is just a little wide, I think.

Story of my life | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song Everything You Want performed by Vertical Horizon

I think this song is about a guy who is in love with a girl but his relationship with here is only that of a good friend. I think that where the song comes in is after he just had a conversation with a girl and she consoles with him about another guy that she has a relationship with who is would would be perfect but for some reason she doesn't care about him. He is recounting that conversation with her in the 3rd person. In the last part of the song he is addressing his own feelings about her and lyrics turn to him the 1st person lamenting his own feelings of unrequited love.

This song is extremely clever and very powerful.

This song is the story of my life and not just from her perspective. I have been both her and him in different relationships.

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