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Venin Noir Biography

Last updated: 05/01/2004 09:38:21 PM

Venin Noir began its activities at 30/6/2001, but the band was actually born two months before, when Andre Dias heard Larissa Frade sing some vocal lines he had composed, and suggested that they should team up a heavy metal band with a doom/gothic approach and classical music influences. Rodrigo Campilho, who was already friend of Andre's for years joined the project immediately. Many musicians were contacted before the band could reach its first line-up, with Lucas Novaes, Fernando Fernandes and Bruno Coelho. Lucas had to return to America two months later, and Fernando preferred to dedicate himself to his other band, in december. They were replaced by Letícia Figueiredo and Pedro Santos respectively. This line-up performed in the first Venin Noir gig, at 13/4/2002. In July, Hellion Records got interested in releasing the first Venin Noir album in all Latin America, when its owner heard some samples on the website. Letícia had to leave the band due to personal reasons in the same month, during the Rainy Days of October's recording sessions, that lasted until August. Its release is scheduled to October, just a coincidence with the title of the album. Now tourdates are being scheduled, and in the mean time, the band is pre-producing its second album, which is expected to be released in mid-2003.