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Vengeance Rising Biography

Last updated: 08/01/2003 04:46:02 AM

Vengeance Rising started out simply as Vengeance, but there was another band out called Vengeance, so they changed their name to Vengeance Rising. There are less than a thousand of their first album, Human Sacrifice, printed on CD without the word "Rising" under the Vengeance logo.

Vengeance started out in 1987 and their first album came out in 1988 on Intense Records. Vengeance Rising was the first thrash band to enter the Christian market. They opened up the doors for other bands like Mortification, Living Sacrifice, Deliverance, Sacrament, along with others to get signed onto a major Christian label. They released 4 albums and a “best of” album, Anthology, than broke up for many years. Years later the front man of Vengeance Rising, Roger Martinez, fell away from the faith. He had started up Vengeance Rising again, but this time as an atheist. Anything after Anthology that He had released is not recommended to buy since it is not Christian His later albums directly attacked the Christian faith. So what to do about his earlier stuff. Get rid of it, destroy it? Or keep it, embrace it, as the lyrics are very solid and remember to pray for Roger that God would bring him back to grace.