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Vengaboys Biography

Last updated: 01/15/2012 11:00:00 AM

If you have ever been on holiday in Spain or Ibiza, you must have heard of them or attended one of their world-famous parties. Originally, "The Vengaboys" was a working name for the two DJ's (Danski and DJ Delmundo) who were touring with their schoolbus across Spain from 1992 to 1997. In the summer they placed their equipment on various Spanish beaches to organize illegal beach parties. The parties usually ended when the Guardia Civil showed up.

Being party animals and producers simultaneously Danski and Delmundo had some underground club-hits in 1996 and 1997, which have been pressed in limited editions. During one of the hottest Spanish summers (1996) the Vengaboys met up with Kim, Roy, Denice and Robin on one of their beach parties. Kim, Roy, Denice and Robin were at that time performing as independent artists on a work-for-hire basis. Cruising from beach to beach during the 1996 summer it became obvious that "The Vengaboys" no longer stood for the DJ's Danski and Delmundo alone. From now on everybody felt "Vengaboys" meant Kim, Robin, Roy, Denice, Danski and Delmundo.

During autumn 1996 the idea grew that it was time to expand the over-successful parties throughout the world. They would be performing under the name "Vengaboys". Bearing in mind Danski and Delmundo are ugly as hell and can't dance at all, one thing lead to another and Denice, Kim, Robin and Roy were already planning the European tour during Christmas time 1996. With Kim and her gang being the performers, a positive side-effect would also be that Danski and Delmundo could spend their time on producing and DJ-ing.

It almost looked like the dream would vanish into thin air when the group got arrested in Spain in January 1997 for provocative reasons. During one of their legendary performances in Barcelona the Vengaboys decided it was time for an extra surprise. Under the banner "Music for the people, money for the people" they performed a so-called "Cash Chaos Concert". The Vengaboys threw an amount of approx. $ 10.000 cash in the audience. The results were: extremely happy fans, total chaos, a performance that only lasted for eight minutes and the Spartan Spanish jail waiting.

Without awaiting their actual trial, they jumped bail and fled the country to Brazil. The Vengaboys chilled out on the private estate of "persona non grata" Ronnie Biggs, an old friend of Danski and Delmundo. After a couple of weeks, Danski and Delmundo based themselves in a well-equipped studio in the Northern part of Europe, whilst Kim, Denice, Robin and Roy continued their over-successful European tour under the name "The Vengaboys".

The single "Up and Down" was first released in Benelux in March 1997.
Immediately following the release "Up and Down" got noticed quickly by all the major record companies. The Vengaboys got offered huge amounts of money in addition to excellent royalty deals. Although very tempting, they decided it would be better to go ahead with strong independent dance labels to secure creative control, instead of being swallowed by a major record company. Shortly after "Up & Down" was licensed to: Scorpio Music (France), Jive (Scandinavia), Avex (South East Asia and Japan), Motor Music (Germany), Max Music (Spain), Helicon Records (Israel), Time Records (Italy) , Strictly Rhythm (USA) and Positiva Records (UK and Eire) .

The highest Benelux "Up & Down" single chart position was number 4 (April, 1998). At the beginning of July 1998 "Up and Down" entered the German Media Control Singles Top 100 at number 16.

From then on The Vengaboys perceived the Benelux as an excellent test market. Therefore, the follow-up single "We like to Party! (The Vengabus)" and the Vengaboys debut album "Up and Down ñ The Party Album" have both been released shortly thereafter in Benelux (April/ May, 1998).
The highest Benelux chart position for the album was number 4 in the Benelux Album Top 100.

In August 1998 the single "We like to Party (The Vengabus)" received the "PLATINUM" Status in Benelux. The highest Benelux position was number 2 in the Singles Top 100. October 1998 "We Like To Party!" entered the German Media Control Singles Top 100 at number 7 with a bullit.
Off course "We Like To Party" will be released all over Europe. So, if you didn't have the chance to buy it already, check your local record store.