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Vendetta Red Biography

Last updated: 01/08/2008 11:00:00 AM

*"zach and joseph moved to seattle with an unquenchable thirst for rock, only to stumble upon a inconcievably tall madman (erik) who shared the same desire. zach proceeded to stab our newfound friend in the hand with a fork, establishing a life-long commitment to make it up him. as soon as we convinced our homie justin to discard all of his worldly possessions and forfeit his social life in bakersfield, ca, we happened upon sri-lankan refugee playing slide guitar for spare change on broadway. his name was mike. the rest is history."*

"Vendetta Red honestly live it for the rock. Every show is an event where you could lose your heart, your head, or both. The youthful power and stage-bound aggression of the band mixed with the driving music and intense vocal delivery always cause some kind of reaction. "
And so this is the story of Vendetta Red. Lately, this Seattle based band has been getting huge attention from fans and record labels alike. Shatterday, the first single off their new album White Knuckled Substance, has been getting huge airplay from 107.7 The End in Seattle, as well as many other radio stations across the northwest.

VR released one album before WKS. This album is Blackout Analysis, and it was released on Loveless Records. After much touring (hey, you gotta pay the rent somehow, right?) they recorded a second album, White Knuckled Substance. Shortly after this was completed, VR signed to Epic/Sony records. This was a huge step for the band. Epic made the decision to re-release White Knuckled Substance, with some slight changes from the original Loveless version. Since there was only 3,000 copies of the Loveless version released, it is quickly becoming quite the collector's item. Since Loveless only sells to Seattle based retailers, it is pretty much impossible to find anywhere else, unless you order it over the net. In the band's recent Online Inquisition, they stated that since they are now on a major label, they will be doing much more touring across the US as well as in Canada. Their cds will also be available in more areas in the very near future.