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Few rock groups can claim to have broken so much new
territory, and maintain such consistent brilliance on
record, as the Velvet Underground during their brief
lifespan. It was the group's lot to be ahead of, or at
least out of step with, their time. The mid-to-late '60s
was an era of explosive growth and experimentation in rock,
but the Velvets' innovations — which blended the energy of
rock with the sonic adventurism of the avant-garde, and
introduced a new degree of social realism and sexual
kinkiness into rock lyrics — were too More...

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Review about Velvet Underground songs
nothing really mattters | Reviewer: NOBODYIMPORTANT
    ------ About the song Heroin performed by Velvet Underground

this song makes me wanna do harder drugs to inspire my artwork like it has for him. i mean whatshisface cut off his own ear for his artwork im willing to make some sacrifices also

i have no life | Reviewer: fuckuall imadyke
    ------ About the song Heroin performed by Velvet Underground

so im going to review this.
first of all lou reed is god along with kurt cobain and jim morrison
i love this song because he just sounds so passionat about his addiction, like it means so much to him. like its given him somthing to care about when there is nothing that really matters.

So Strong | Reviewer: Frank
    ------ About the song Candy Says performed by Velvet Underground

I love this song, the lyrics are actually about Candy Darling, one of Andy Warhol's actresses. Candy was born as James Lawrence Slattery in 1944 (or 46 or 48 depending on who you believe) before discovering that he was no longer Jimmy but Hope Slattery, When asked by his mother if he was a gay, Jimmy responded by leaving the room and returning in full drag. Often found in the local gay bar during her teen years, Candy eventually found her way to New York and into the eyes of Andy Warhol, eventually fulfilling her dreams imitating her heroes, Kim Novak and Joan Bennett. When Hope arrived in New York she started taking hormone shots to make her a "real woman" (no genital reconstruction). Her first female name was Hope Dahl slowly transgressing into Candy Darling.

predictable, yet: The best of both worlds | Reviewer: Eirik
    ------ About the song The Gift performed by Velvet Underground

I just picked thi up. Never heard of the song or the album before. Recently I was give all my friends nm condirion vinyl awsome 90 vinyl LPs. Loaded, another record I knew nothing about was among them and a real treat. I thought velvet underground was boring crap. Oh was my asumption wrong. Great stuff. I will admitthough-. I could see an ending like this in the making at about the middle of the song. I was in no way surprised. Still love it though. Only heard it 3 times. Went on a lyrics hunt on the net because I couldnot understand a Word. Great With vinyl and the net at the same time. The best of both worlds!

Hope | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Heroin performed by Velvet Underground

Reading these reviews, it becomes obvious how beautiful people are. You are all amazing people. No I am not high, I don't touch drugs...I truly mean what I say. I really feel for those who've got caught up in the web of heroin. This song sends shivers down my spine.

Very sad song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song All Tomorrow's Parties performed by Velvet Underground

To me, taking drugs like heroin is in fact, and a lot of people discovered that too late, in french we say "poètes maudits"… after the party, when your body is over and your mind down, it's only jesus that will be able to take care about you, there's no way home… very sad :(

Heroin | Reviewer: Sunday Morning
    ------ About the song Heroin performed by Velvet Underground

The song doesn't glorify heroin, people. It's an honest assessment. I'm sick of anti-drug statements not being honest about why people get addicted. Of course there is a positive side to drug addiction, in the short run. But Lou doesn't sugar coat it:

"I have made the big decision / I'm gonna try to nullify my life"

Is that a positive statement? There's a huge section where he fantasizes about being born "a thousand years ago" where things like heroin didn't exist.

"Heroin, be the death of me / Heroin, it's my wife and it's my life"

Femme Fatale hits again | Reviewer: Rosie
    ------ About the song All Tomorrow's Parties performed by Velvet Underground

I think is very clear that this song talks about Edie Sedgwick. The femme fatale, the high society girl who loved to party but ended all lost in drugs, who selled everything she could when she got broke.
Everyone thought she was so beautiful and talented at first but then she turn to be pathetic to the public eye and to The Factory people. I think they are talking about the late Edie S. Also, they call the "poor girl" a clown, like in "Femme Fatale" (is well known that it talks about her too) : "what a clown!".

Don't understand... | Reviewer: Pothead
    ------ About the song Heroin performed by Velvet Underground

This song is pretty special in my opinion. Not the best musicianship neither the best voice to me it sounds like he was high on heroin then he made this song, also just the beat in this song.

However that is something strange about it that makes it attractive. Im not using heroin or any hard drugs so i can't relate to anything he sings about.

But to me Heroin and oppiates in general just the negative side effects outweights the positive effect. I mean why not just stick with weed, because most likely heroin addicts started out with weed as their first real illegal psychoactive drug. Why go further because im satisfyied with the high i get from smoking hash or weed, i haven't tried any other drugs that get you stoned so why go further if you haven't tried it you can't miss it.

Pan it Right or left for more fun | Reviewer: Ted
    ------ About the song The Gift performed by Velvet Underground

On my cd the music is panned all the way to one channel, and the vocal is panned to the other, so if you shift to just the vocal channel (left or right, I can't remember), you can hear just the John Cale narrative... Adds a certain creepiness to the delivery

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