Velvet Revolver Albums

  • Libertad Album (7/3/2007)
    Let It Roll
    She Mine
    Get Out The Door
    She Builds Quick Machines
    The Last Fight
    Pills, Demons & Etc.
    American Man
    Mary Mary
    Just Sixteen
    Can't Get It Out Of My Head
    For A Brother
    Don't Drop That Dime
    Bonus Tracks
    Psycho Killer
    Gas And A Dollar Laugh

  • Contraband Album (6/8/2004)
    Sucker Train Blues
    Do It For The Kids
    Big Machine
    Illegal I
    Fall To Pieces
    Set Me Free
    You Got No Right
    Dirty Little Thing
    Loving The Alien (Sometimes)

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    Reviews about Velvet Revolver albums

    Libertad by Velvet Revolver | Reviewer: tacomaniac12
        ------ About the album Libertad performed by Velvet Revolver

    This is a very good album that combines the essence of both Stone Temple Pilots and Guns N' Roses. Glad to see that Slash, Duff, and Matt are working together again; also glad to see that they can work with Scott and Dave with hardly any problems. All the songs were good and the flow of the music is incredible.

    Contraband By Velvet Revolver | Reviewer: turfcutter18
        ------ About the album Contraband performed by Velvet Revolver

    Glad to hear and see that Slash, Duff and Matt haven't missed a beat. From seeing videos and some live performances (like on Letterman), they Don't seem to be stepping on each others toes. Scott and Dave are certainly a good mesh with the "decent" 'Guns! Hope they stay straight and keep it up, with plenty more to come.

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