Velvet Acid Christ Albums

  • Between The Eyes 4 Album (11/23/2004)
    Sex Disease
    Thought Criminal
    Let's Kill All These Motherfuckers
    Vaginismus (Crotch Kick Mix)
    Repulsive (Necropolis Mix)
    She Bleeds Red
    Revolution 101
    Intussusception (Bowel Move Mix)
    Suicide Picnic
    Cyclone Chamber
    The Calling

  • Between The Eyes 3 Album (10/12/2004)
    Fiction Friction
    Satan Complex #42
    Dead Flesh
    Masked Illusion
    Fade Away
    Cyber Communists Plotting Red Revolt
    Sadder Still
    Broken Mind
    Glorify Satan And Suicide

  • Between The Eyes 2 Album (5/18/2004)
    Hell One
    Hell Two
    Dark Lights
    Falling Snow
    Mental Depression
    Rain For 27 Days
    Killing Me
    We Have To See, We Have To Know
    Serial Killer 101
    Decent To Darkness
    Hail To The Dead Souls
    I'm Gonna Wrap Myself In Your Intestines

  • Between The Eyes 1 Album (2/17/2004)
    Futile (Nazi Bastard)
    Disflux (Feedback)
    Decypher (Force=Authority)
    Decypher (Acid Revolution Forgotten)
    Dial 8 (Bound And Gagged By Din-Fiv)
    Dial 8 (Barely Alive)
    The Hand (Aggro Trash)
    The Hand (Cut Throat Psycho Rave)
    We Have To See, We Have To Know (Extended)
    Murder The World
    So Much

  • Hex Angel: Utopia / Dystopia Album (8/5/2003)
  • Twisted Thought Generator Album (11/14/2000)
  • Fun With Knives Album (6/8/1999)
  • Calling Ov The Dead Album (3/17/1998)
  • Neuralblastoma Album (3/13/1998)
  • Church Of Acid Album (11/11/1997)

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