Vedonist Albums

  • The World of Reversed Decalogue Album (11/1/2008)
    Apprehensive Respect
    Sleeping in Flame
    Anus Mundi
    Dead Chimneys Monument
    Patients of the Slaughterhouse
    Lux in Tenebris Lucet

  • Awaking to Immortality Album (6/1/2005)
    Objectivity Unjust
    Self-Created Martyr
    Host of Human Desires
    Loss of Humanity
    Break the Disembodied Altar
    Monologue with the Dust
    A Moment of Reflection
    Anhedonia Society

  • The First Damage Album (12/4/2004)
    Bad Dreams
    About Love
    Into The Black, Wild Night
    The Dead House
    Brain Damage
    Freedom Of Speech
    Bringing Out Of Dead
    Broken Soul

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