Vaux Albums

  • Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice Album (8/1/2006)
    Identity Theft
    Are You With Me?
    Cocaine James
    Need To Get By
    A Simple Man
    The Last Report From...
    Never Better
    The Rope, The Pistol, The Candlestick
    Don't Wait
    Burn The Bandwagon
    To The Nines
    Van Song

  • Audiblenarcotic Album (10/12/2004)
    The Set Up
    Long Wave Radio
    Penn Station
    Remedy For
    To Write A Symphony
    This New Art
    Last Best Side

  • Plague Music Album (9/21/2004)
    Celibate Good Times
    Dearest Darkest
    Sex Will Happen Tonight
    Plague Music

  • There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them Album (4/1/2003)
    Set It To Blow
    On Love And Cars
    Switched On
    At Your Will
    Ride Out Bitch
    Broke The Brakes
    Paint It Red
    Four Cornered Lives
    Do It For Sixty
    Shot In The Back

  • On Life; Living Album (9/1/2002)

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