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VaShawn Mitchell was born and raised in Chicago, IL. The city known as the birthplace of Gospel music quickly made its imprint on him. When he was barely a teenager, VaShawn became the assistant music director of St. Mark Baptist Church, working closely with nationally renowned choir leader Lonnie Hunter.

For nearly a decade he served as Minister of Music at Bishop Larry D. Trotter’s Sweet Holy Spirit Church, setting the musical tone both within the church walls and on the ministry’s top-selling recording projects. The youngest Minister of Music in that church’s history, he successfully merged the contemporary themes he composed with the traditional choir vibe that marked the church’s worship services.

Throughout the years, VaShawn’s artistic vision has grown, shaping him into a mature worship leader and a recognized Gospel songwriter. His songs have been recorded by some of Gospel’s most celebrated artists, including Smokie Norful (“Just Can’t Stop”), Vanessa Bell Armstrong (“Help”), and Bishop Paul Morton (“Cry Your Last Tear”).

It is now his role as a music minister that brings him the greatest fulfillment. “I am most passionate about my church ministry,” he shares. “As ministers of music we birth new worshippers and new praisers on a weekly basis. A lot of that is not necessarily singing, but ministering the music that is being sung. “

His fervor for worship and praise can be felt throughout Triumphant; from the enthusiastic high praise opener and the powerful title track, to the deeply personal choir ballad “Nobody Greater” and the prophetic hymn “Be Fruitful.” More than a collection of hits, the project stands as a fully developed theme.

“Most of the time when I record, I conceptualize the project as a total piece,” VaShawn reveals. “With this album God gave me the concept and I started thinking about why we are triumphant people.”

Every song on the project is a reflection of that revelation, including the show-stopping, instant classic “His Blood Still Works,” which features the distinctive sound of former Witness lead vocalist Lisa Page Brooks. “Over the last season, as people have been struggling financially, it seems we’ve been losing our faith. Our faith was misplaced in resources and not in the Source,” says VaShawn. “I wanted to remind people that the blood never stopped working. It enables us to live above what we see.”

With a passion for worship, the heart of an encourager and the story of an overcomer, VaShawn Mitchell is truly an artist for this age.

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my status have changed already | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/14

Thanking God for ur life is all we can do,i heard status, all that i was doing stood still for a why coz l could only imagine myself on my to a better day,and since then my life has never been d same.thank u for being there.

New number one fan | Reviewer: Sharon Carter | 9/5/14

I just watched your appearance on News One Now. I truly love your music, vision and purpose. Nobody Greater is a very powerful song and has a major impact on my life. You spoke of a new song, My God, My God, and just the title alone touched my soul. I look forward to seeing you perform in my area, Philadelphia.

approval | Reviewer: Dorgu Victor | 8/19/14

The song nobody greater has indeed been not just a blessing but to a young singer like me and so many others in nigeria. I have been lead to do a copy right of that song in Yoruba (A nigerian native) language soon to drop by september; I seek your permission sir. (

Great song, great minister of the almighty | Reviewer: Aprill anwuri | 2/22/14

Hi vashawn, i heard you sing in my church for the first time when you attended affy Douglas concert some time last year in portharcourt nigeria. Your a minister of the gospel cus u preach in songs. Don't look away from your calling keep up the good work sir.... Can't download your song n can't also buy one.. But i can sing the chorus

richly blessed with turning around | Reviewer: queen juliet | 2/13/14

What an inspiring song, I was so moved when I heard nobody greater than my God little did I no the same God is turning things around for my good. May God continue 2 uplift u as u bless his people, vashwan mitchell u are a great man of God may his spirit never depart from u.

We glorify God for allowing yourself to be His devine instrument. | Reviewer: Rebabaletswe Setloboko | 1/26/14

'Nobody greater' is one of my favorite tracks and when I first heard it, I just felt like exploding, and I did--I exploded in worship. I now know that you (VaShawn) are called for this ministry and I'l continue to buy and listen to your music. #TO_GOD_BE_THE_GLORY

I'm so blessed and really need contact you | Reviewer: Kelechi Nkwocha (Kz Nkwowhite) | 1/23/14

I heard "Nobody greater" Last year at an evening Music Concert in Lagos and I fell so much in love with it, played everytime mostly when I'm going into the Examination Hall even if its two minutes to the end of the Exams. I have been wanting to get in contact with you. I'm having a project in Lagos and I'll like to invite you over. Thanks

Created4This | Reviewer: Joanna Nwachuku | 1/21/14

Thank God for you being a real worshipper. I heard " Nobody Greater and after that I had to hear every song God gave you. I first heard "Turning Around for Me" on Sunday's Best and it ministers to me every time I hear it. The title of the latest album speaks volumes, you were absolutely Created4this! May God continue to bless and lead you.

i am blessed | Reviewer: iyamore timphilade from Nigeria | 1/19/14

oh i so much love the track ''turning around for me'' mr vashawn u are a blessing to dis generation ur songs gives inspiration and hope truelly no one is greater than our God, keep on d gud wrk of God the lord is wit u

Turning Around for me. My God! | Reviewer: Malibongwe Skosana | 1/12/14

The lyrics are a great message, trust me they motivate, they encourage and they build. This song has taugth me petience and i love it. Turning Around For Me. Mr Vashawn God bless you.

turning around for me | Reviewer: Simon Tshepo Mathibela | 1/1/14

I'd like to know what caused you write this song. Any story behind that song? I was introduced to the song my wife while we were going through the pragnancy of our daughter. My email: from South Africa, Gauteng Province

nobody greater, i so much love this song. | Reviewer: kennis ndubuisi | 12/4/13

sir i am 100% blessed by ur songs bt nobody greater dan is d one dat touch me most, i so much love dat song i almost listen to it evry day, sir u ar welcum to nigeria, cum and bless our soul God bless u sir, wish u safe journey.

bless | Reviewer: mercy | 11/26/13

you are really an inspiration and an amazing singer.indeed NoBody's Greater than our God,I'm soo grateful for this music that speaks to the heart, may God richly bless you brother and may you keep on keeping on

uplifting | Reviewer: archer | 11/10/13

vashawn's music is very uplifting.when im feeling down and want to give up,i just listen to his music,that gives the strenght i need to go on knowing that GOD is still in control of my life.My favourite song is TURNING AROUND FOR ME.The message in that song helps me remember that when trials come my way,or when all odds against me it will only be for awhile,then will step in and fix it.It reminds of the scripture in the bible that say"weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning"praise GOD.Just keep ministering unto the world through your songs,you have done that to me.MAY GOD CONTINUDE TO SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS ON U ALWAYS.

I'm so inspired by your songs throughout my rough times | Reviewer: Angelic LoveNC | 11/10/13

I listen to your song quite often just to get my mind into an inspirational mindset before I go into prayer ;p I think you are a very blessed man and keep up the holiness within your songs and bless you love...this single baby Christ woman in the NC may God bless you

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