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Vasaria Biography

Last updated: 06/15/2006

Hailing from the darkened streets of New York City comes forth the Gothic entity of the black metal world known as VASARIA, featuring: founder, horror icon vocalist/bassist Baron Misuraca, drummer Marc Del Cielo and guitarist Tommy Conforti.

Infamous for expanding upon the boundaries of both the Metal and Goth genres, VASARIA have certainly left their indelible mark (or rather bite) infusing classical and horror film score influences within a rather brooding, riff laden soundscape as dark poetic lyrics beckon escapism and release. Eloquent yet highly aggressive, to label them would be a disservice.

With an extensive fan base in the United States as well as in Europe, the dark legacy of VASARIA began as a recording project that ultimately led to the release of a debut album on Century Media Records. An MTV Europe video, European mega tour with Das Ich and U.S. appearances with Mission UK, Moonspell and Lacuna Coil among others, soon followed. The bloodletting had begun. Featured performances at the Dracula's Ball and Vampyre's Ball events, the establishing of itself as a comic book entity and the unleashing of the Edge Of Supremacy EP bring us to the present.

Now the transformation. Reaching deep within it's darkest recesses, VASARIA have currently embarked upon it's heaviest, most chilling work to date. "The most accurate way I can describe what lies ahead is downright unearthly"... assures Baron. Also coming soon: Baron Misuraca stalks the pages of the comic book world once again in In Flesh and Spirit, an all new series.

You had better close that window before night.