Varathron Albums

  • The Lament Of The Gods Album (1/1/1999)
    Fire Spell / Forbidden Lust
    Warrior's Nightmare
    The World Through Ancient Eyes
    Beyond The Grave
    Nuns Have No Fun

  • Genesis of Apocryphal Desire Album (1/1/1997)
    Dawn of Sordid Decay
    The Great Seal of Graal
    La Reine Noir
    Genesis of Apocryphal Desire
    The Tresrising of Nyarlathotep
    Seven Endless Horizons
    Journey Beyond
    The Mystic Papyrus
    Deep Beneath an Ancient Dominion

  • Walpurgisnacht Album (1/1/1995)
    Tleilaxu (The Unborn Child)
    Cassiopeia's Ode
    The Dark Hill
    Birthrise Of The Graven Image
    Redeunt Saturnia Regna
    Under The Sight Of Horus
    Somewhere Beyond Seas
    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

  • Black Arts Lead to Everylasting Sin Album (1/1/1994)
    Lora of the Abyss
    The Feat of Ghouls
    Evil Prayers
    De Magia Veterum
    The Cult of the Aragon
    The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep
    Outro (Black Arts Lead to Everylasting Sin)
    Aescent of a Prophetic Vision
    La Reine Noir
    Genesis of Apocryphal Desire

  • His Majesty At The Swamp Album (1/1/1993)

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