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Vanity Theft Biography

Last updated: 07/31/2011

In 2005, the girls of Vanity Theft began a local heist of recognition as four young faces who had something in common: they wanted to rock the indie music scene. They'd formed the band name after combining two ideas, explaining that it's synonymous to "humility." This would set the tone of the girls' collaborative friendship of playing music, writing songs and having fun together. Vanity Theft successfully began breaking and entering the rock fan base in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. The buzz leaked out and others caught on to their sound. This all-girl ensemble gained popularity and their venues grew to the Vans Warped Tour 2009 and Madison Theater in Cincinatti, Peabody’s in Cleveland, and the Viper Room in Hollywood.

Vanity Theft’s members, Alicia Grodecki (vocals/keyboard), Brittany Hill (guitar) and Elyse Driskill (drums) searched for a new bass player in early 2010. As a band, they'd caught the attention of former Warner Bros. artist and Disney Channel star, Lalaines. Lalaine had been a Vanity Theft fan since the release of their last LP postscript, Pace Yourself, and had followed them via Myspace and itunes. After hearing through friends that Vanity Theft needed a bassist, Lalaine flew from Burbank to audition for them in Ohio. The new quartet hit it off immediately, and Lalaine relocated soon after.

The girls are barely 23 years old, (Alicia just turned 21) but prove that age is of no consequence with their unique sound, sharp lyrics iced in irony and appearances nationwide. Their inspiration of sound ranges from Rilo Kiley and the Ting Tings to The Faint. Along with being listed as a one of the best new American band names of 2009 in Dave Egger's Non-Required Reading, the girls found themselves as part of a larger family in 2009 by signing with Vigilante Music/Adamant Records.