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Mariah Carey Vanishing Lyrics

Last updated: 07/22/2013 01:32:39 PM

If I could recapture
All of the memories
And bring them to life
Surely I would
Hear the distant laughter
Wasn't it you and me
Surviving the night
You're fading out of my sight
You're vanishing
Drifting away
You're vanishing

I was so enraptured
No sensibility
To open my eyes
I misunderstood
Now you're fading faster
It's suddenly hard to see
You're taking the light
Letting the shadows inside


Reaching out into the distance
Searching for spirits of the past
Just a trace of your existence to grasp
And if somehow I could recapture
All of the memories
And bring them to life
Lord knows I would
But now you're fading faster
Getting so hard to see
Taking the light
Letting the darkness inside

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Breathtaking | Reviewer: Tihana | 7/22/13

I think most of Mariah's songs run deeper than just relationships with guys. It's like you could take the song a few ways. But I personally think it could even be about her father or siblings as she was the youngest and probably didn't see her family that much. The best things about her music is it's meaning is usually a mystery to us all but known only to her and we can only interpret it to fit our lives and hopes and circumstances. It gets everyone talking and discussing which is healthy.It's all about interpretation.

Meaning of Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/12

I dont think the meaning of the song has to do with a death or a person having an affair. Im a huuugeeee mariah carey fan and i loove singing to her music

I personally believe when she wrote this song was when she was really in her early 20s. The meaning of the song resonnates with me the memories she had with FRIENDS. Certain people in her life who she spent time with and hung out with. It cuold very well go to a person who helped her in her music career before she made it big.. "wasnt it you and me surviving then night.." anyways that's just my opinion.. friends or family members who she's not friends with anymore

Incredible song | Reviewer: Aggie Smolecki | 6/28/11

I agree with Vanishing being " Hauntingly beautiful and soulful". I couldn't have stated it better myself. This is my absolute favorite Mariah Song. The predominant theme for me was a loss of love, Interestingly, it helped me to process the unbearable grief of such a loss, with the beautiful crescendos of Mariah's voice. Listneing to this song has helped me to heal from the pain of the end of a relationship and somehow gave me hope that life would get better and that I could heal.

Vanishing | Reviewer: Love2Sing | 10/31/10

Hauntingly beautiful, soulful song. One of Mariah Carey's best, IMO.

@Mikey: The meaning behind the song is when she and this person first met, their relationship was going well. Then, after a while, the person started slowly disassociating him(?)self within the relationship. Perhaps the person started having an affair and started creeping out or perhaps the person was already in a relationship or married and she either knew or didn't know or it could also mean a friendship or family member to whom she was close and the relationship is diminishing.

bravo | Reviewer: christina | 7/22/09

this has been my favorute song since mid high when this album first came out I've heard it over and over again and now almost benn 20 yrs since then i still remember all the words!! [AND TO THE PERSON wanting to know the meaning of this song] I belive it means some one close to her has passed away and the more time goes on the person is vanishing from her mind and it hurts her heart and shes sings it with alot of heart so that she may remember the person the way they look smell laugh all the memories just to be with them once again to remember them because when some one dies they slowly vanish out of your mind you remember but its not the same. the persons actual looks fade away I hpope this makes sence and helps you understand

vanishing | Reviewer: mikey | 2/26/09

may i know what is the song meaning "Vanishing"?
i have read all wordings of this marvellous song but i am stiil finding what is the Meaning of this whole song.
pls tell me if you can,
it is all appreciated.