Vanessa Paradis Albums

  • Love Songs Album (5/21/2013)
    Love Song
    Tu Pars Comme On Revient

  • Divinidylle Album (8/27/2007)
    Divine Idylle
    Chet Baker
    Les Piles
    Dès Que Je Te Vois
    Les Revenants
    Junior Suite
    La Bataille
    La Mélodie

  • Bliss Album (11/7/2000)
    L'Eau Et Le Vin
    When I Say
    Que Fait La Vie?
    Les Acrobates
    La La La Song
    L'Air Du Temps
    St. Germain
    Dans Mon Café
    La Ballade De Lily Rose

  • Live Album (3/1/1994)
    As tears go by
    Be my baby
    Dis-lui toi que je t'aime
    Gotta have it
    I'm waiting for the man
    Joe le taxi
    Just as long as you are there
    La vague à lames
    Les cactus
    Lonely Rainbows
    Marilyn & John
    Marilyn & John (English version)
    Natural High
    Silver and Gold
    Sunday Mondays

  • Vanessa Paradis Album (5/1/1992)
  • Variations sur le mêmme t`aime Album (3/1/1990)
  • M & J Album (3/1/1987)

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    Reviews about Vanessa Paradis albums

    vanessa paradis album review | Reviewer: kerry richardson
        ------ About the album Vanessa Paradis performed by Vanessa Paradis

    what an incredible album. the songs are well written and sung to perfection. my favourite songs on the album are be my baby and natural high which are great to sing along to. they are fun and catchy and well definately have you singing along. i also love sunday mondays. silver and gold is a well written and poignant song and it is true of today's world were everyone is so obsessed with money to the detriment of all else.

    vanessa is a very talented singer and i could not fail to be impressed. i have listened to a few of vanessa's albums and this one is definately my favourite. it's catchy and fun and moving and the songs are also in english which i love.

    you should definately buy this album. it won't dissapoint. especially if like me you to are a vanessa paradis fan.

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