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(Burbank, California) Vanessa Anne Hudgens, the star who portrays Gabriella Montez on the runaway hit High School Musical has signed an exclusive recording deal with Hollywood Records; it was announced by Buena Vista Music Group Chairman Bob Cavallo. Her debut CD "V" is slated for a September 26 release.

Said Cavallo, We are delighted to have Vanessa at Hollywood. Not only is she talented, she is tireless in her work ethic and has a vision for her career. People will be very impressed when they hear her voice and see her perform.

Certainly, Vanessa is no stranger to performing. She made her feature film debut in Catherine Hardwicks Thirteen starring Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood. Most recently she co-starred in the action-adventure film Thunderbirds and is a recurring guest star on the Disney Channels The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Vanessa began her acting career in musical theater when she was 8 years old. She has played leading and supporting roles in Evita, Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The King & I, The Music Man., Cinderella, and Damn Yankees, among others.

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the best hollywood actress ever! | Reviewer: jessica | 6/30/11

Vanessa Hudgens is the best idol a fan could ever had!...she's great and very charming..i don't care what people may still a vanessa hudgens'fan..i felt sorry for those who judge her without even knowing who she really is...she's the nest,and she can always makes me smile!love u vanessa hudgens..forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!and ever!

love you! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

Vanessa Hudgens is the best! she is my idol! i hope the best for whatever happens in the future. Honestly, I thought that her albums didnt show how well she can actually sing. High School Musical did that better. But she is the greatest! haters gotta STFU! cuz the photos were her private life, and ppl cant hate her for that. She never meant to put them on the intermet, someone hacked her and posted them up. She even apologized in it. If Disney can forgive everyone else should too! She has an amazing voice, and she is sooooooo beautiful! If she wasnt in hsm 3, i can guarantee it would have failed! I really hope she has a lot of sucess in her life, and zanessa lives forever <33

Vanessa is awesome, you haters suck | Reviewer: Tiara | 6/10/09

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is Awesome. And everyone doesn't think needs to STFU! Vanessa is better than you. You probably can't sing, you probably sound like Ashley who sucks camel balls. Vanessa Rocks and I can't wait to see her new movie bandslam she play Sa5m.

Bad influinse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

Vanessa i think your a BAD INFLUINSE because you did wrong photos and your old enough to know better.I wish you were'nt in hsm 3.And you've made new photos!How could you do that to all of your fans!You really need to grow up!I'm way younger than you and i know better!

some day i want to be just like uuu | Reviewer: maddie | 11/25/08

hello! vanessa im such a gr8 fan i love u so so much plz if u care i want to sing so badly and i dony want to go on x factor or any thing else i just want to sing!! plz vanessa if your reading this now add me on msn, plz add me thanx so much love your fan, maddie xx

im your greatest fan | Reviewer: christene iza | 11/12/08

hello! im iza.. i live in philippines,. You know your so very beautiful.. and you really have a golden voice., youre my favorite artist.. i love your songs and your movie.. neWay youre really the very bEst actress and singer evEr,,....

i lOve yoU.. mwuaaahh..

tAke care always!!!

Vanessa's cool... | Reviewer: Silke | 2/16/08

people can't hate vanessa hudgens, she sings awesome, she's a good actress, and that naked picture thing is no excuse. that's her personal buisness. it's not gonna change how she acts or sings.people who hate her have no good reason except to say "i hate her". wow. i guess most people could be jealous, cause i don't know, she went from some person to 'everyone-knows-her' in a few years. that's all i have to say. but seriously , think about it, why hate her for no reason, unless youi say i don't like her cause you don't like her music or cuz you never heard her. i respect that if that were the truth cause evryone has there own taste in music. but still, you can't her if u never met her, no matter how much you want to.
silke D.

what i think about you and what my brother thinks about you | Reviewer: Mikayla Kohls | 12/27/07

my name is mikayla! I am from sandiago california! I am now living in colorado!You are a awesome actress and a very good singer and i think you should play in high school musical3 and my brother has a huge crush on you he is 16 years old and is really nice. The last time i saw you was in the show suite life with zack and cody and the high school musical movie 1st and 2nd additions! I think you are awesome and i think you are a great actress and singer! You, Zac, Lucas, Ashily, Corbin, Monique are all great actors!I want to say I think Corbin, Zac, Lucas are all very hot! Can i have there cell phone # please!

east or west vanessa is d best | Reviewer: sasha | 12/26/07

U r d best of all astresses i love u . i'm ur greatest fan. most of ur habit matches with me(but i'm too much for ur **** photos) Anyway i forgive u for d bad things u have done . I just wanted to say that VANESSA IS THE BEST !!! I LOVE U

urs lovingly

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