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I was born 8/16/80 and raised in Mitford, PA by my parents Ed and Heidi Carlton. My Dad is a pilot (he plays fiddle on the side), and my mom is a pianist and teacher. My childhood was unconventional. When I was two I was enrolled into a Montessori school. I just remember running around and drawing pictures all the time. Music and art were the main focuses of my childhood.

My mom was my first music teacher. I suppose the first sign that I was "musical" came when I figured out "It's A Small World" on the piano when I was two years old. We had just returned from Disneyland. After that, my mother began exposing me to a variety of classical composers, from Eric Satie, to Mozart, to Debussey. At eight, I wrote my first piece of music. I wasn't writing lyrics or anything, just little piano songs.

I was nine when I fell in love with ballet. I was obsessed with it actually. Fortunately my mom made me keep up the piano during that time. At thirteen, I started travelling to New York to study with some of the great ballet dancers and teachers such as Grelsey Kirkland and Madame Nenette Charisse.

At fourteen, I was accepted to study at the School of American Ballet in New York City. I left my family and moved into a dorm at Lincoln Center. I enrolled in the Professional Children's School for high school and began a new life.

The life of a ballet dancer is neither easy nor fair. The pressure is intense and the competition extreme. Surprisingly, I had always been a confident dancer, almost fearless, but as I approached my senior year things began to unravel. I became frustrated and lost. I was on the brink of becoming a professional when everything feel apart. At seventeen feeling broken and isolated, I started writing songs again.

It was the dilapidated piano in the kitchen of my dorm that brought me solace. Sometimes I would skip ballet class to go upstairs and play. All these songs just poured out of me. This time, I wasn't simply writing piano pieces, I was writing lyrics I had always loved to sing growing up, but I never thought of myself as a singer until I sang my lyrics. I put my voice and piano together I couldn't imagine it any other way.

The fall after I graduated I got an apartment with a friend, became a waitress and started playing gigs downtown. A year later, I signed with Interscope, Geffen, A&M Records.

I am currently in the studio recording my debut album., Be Not Nobody, which should be out in early March. I'm going as fast as I can! The single, A Thousand Miles, will be out in early February.

Last but not least, I got into Columbia University and I have started dancing again, just for my self.


By: Vanessa Carlton

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Hello! c: | Reviewer: Andrea | 3/9/13

Hello Vanessa,

My name is Andrea. Nice to meet you! I live in Canada. I'm 12 years old turning 13 on July and I love your song called A Thousand Miles! That is my favorite song! I listen to it when I'm feeling down or upset and it makes me feel better ever time I listen to it. It also remind me of my family in the Philippines.

Anyhow, I just love your voice! Keep up the good work no matter what happens don't give up and that's all I wanted to say! God bless you!

Nessa holic | Reviewer: Victoria lynn coy | 2/20/13

Vanesa Is so amaizing She is my all time faverit singer because her music cheers me up when Im upset I am deffnetly a nessa holic because She is all I will lesson to in my CD player and No one can sing her songs better then she can. It is also amazing how we have the same anishels.

You rule | Reviewer: Victoria lynn coy | 2/15/13

Vanessa you are my faverite singer in the whole wide world I love all of your music and wish to be like you because you dont care what people think and you wright the best music that i have ever heard and your voice is amaizing when you sing. Vanessa lee carlton you rule!!!

I love your music! | Reviewer: cindy huang | 1/6/12

When I grow up, I want to be a singer just like you.

Lets introduce myself:

I am 11 and 3/4. It's almost my birthday. My birthday is January 10 2012. So it is almost coming up! I am so excited!
I have a sister that is 8 and a half. My sister's birthday is March 29 2012. I also have a brother that is 10 years old. My brother's birthday is August 25,2012.

We also have a karaoke at home. There's songs like A THOUSAND MILES. I wish you could come to my house but you don't know where we live in Illinois. And I wish you could sing our house in our great room.

I also love your music!

Awsome female singer I've met | Reviewer: Malkum | 6/27/11

Vanessa carlton's music has got me through tough times I wanted to meet her face to face and let her know how much I love her and her music. I waited years to meet her and I did. I was nervous but felt open to her cause she is apart of my everyday life in every positive way. I look forward to meeting again soon.

hats off to your parents first | Reviewer: Rajesh | 5/24/11

HI vanessa,

first of all hats off to your parents, because from your childhood onwards if they didn't encourage you in music, singing and dancing. we might have lost in music world.when ever i am in trouble, i just listen to your songs, your songs are very cool. i like your hard work.

for the record | Reviewer: Perry | 5/7/10

Vanessa popped up in my PA news. Seems she was severely wounded in a pit bull attack in Shohola PA. My sympathy and best wishes accompany this note. The news bulletin states that Vanessa was jogging on the streets of Shohola. Shohola, merely a place name in the woods of Pike County, was the birthplace of my gggggrandmother. The number of trees has not declined. My last nit pick: In the body of Vanessa's comments above she writes that she was raised in Mitford PA. Again, in PA, no real Shohola and no real or perceived Mitford. It should be, and I am sure the young lady is aware, Milford, county seat of Pike, a borough of about 1200 population. As is the figment called Shohola - Milford is a lovely spot. I won't say anymore. No need to encourage tourists.

Listen up!!! | Reviewer: Kristen Matthews | 4/20/09

Vanessa, if you get a chance to read this I just want you to know that you are my #1 idol! I am 12 years old and i am in LOVE with dancing!! And right now Im listening to your song "White Houses"! Im in Love with your music cause it, I dont know it just soothes me! I LOVE YOU!!!!

by the way.... | Reviewer: andrea | 12/30/08

I just wrote and I would like to add that I was also nine years old when I fell in love with dancing! I was a bit different from you and didn't only fall in love with ballet, but other kinds of dance as well.

amazing | Reviewer: andrea | 12/30/08

Wow You are just amazing! I just sit in my room and listen to your songs all day and focus closely on your lyrics! I try to imagine what some of them might mean. Thank you for making music! And I was a ballet dancer and OMG you described it perfectly!!

dreams | Reviewer: joel | 10/2/08

hello my hand in your hand is my dreams.I like your life you are a great divinity of music.I known you during 4 years ago and at the moment i'm want write because you are a beautiful woman and i'm like your freestyle.

If you want you can talk to me to my e-mail thank you i'm want just write to you because you are my favotity woman siging

Very big kiss to you vanessa

wild cats | Reviewer: tiffany martin | 9/3/08

hi vanessa how awesome are your movies hurry up n bring out hsm really soon i love how you sing and daance it is like a dream come true it would be good if a high school really singed and dance like you do you rock your famous keep it up and you will be a bigger rockstar than what you are now love ya 4 lyf dont make hsm 3 be crap buit i know it wont be good by vanessa

Happy 28th Birthday, Vanessa! | Reviewer: Edee | 8/16/08

I'm nuts about the song, "A Thousand Miles," and Vanessa is adorable.
Just by chance was sampling the youtube video and had no idea today is
her birthday.

At the recent National Night Out(July 17th) had requested to sing the
Karaoke version of this song. I live downtown where the video was shot.
I love singing this song to myself and sharing it with others.

she is so talented and fun | Reviewer: mary rose | 4/3/08

she is the best singer i've ever known and i hope she will have a concert here in cebu, philippines...
i really love all her songs especially a thousand miles, white houses and nolita fairytale... :)

best artist ever! | Reviewer: monique | 4/2/08

vanessa lee carlton is a very talented artist.
she can sing and she can play the piano.
I really love her
especially her music.
and also the lyrovs
she's an artist like no other!
ahhmmn even though i listened to her song "a thousand miles" over and over, i just love it.

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