Vanessa Amorosi Albums

  • Hazardous Album (11/6/2009)
    This Is Who I Am
    Mr Mysterious
    Off On My Kiss
    Show Me How To Love
    Aliens And UFOs
    Summer Nights
    Touch Me
    Baby's On Ice
    Sleep With That
    Higher Ground
    Blow Me Away

  • Somewhere In The Real World Album (5/24/2008)
    Start It
    A Little Love
    Kiss Your Mama
    The Simple Things (Something Emotional)
    Somewhere In The Real World
    19 Turning Point
    Send Me The Manual
    I Thought We'd Stay Together
    My House
    My Problem Is You
    I Want Your Fire
    Who Am I

  • Change Album (11/18/2002)
    One Thing Leads 2 Another
    Turning Up The Heat
    Lifted Up
    Back In Love
    Who's Lovin' You
    True To Yourself
    Follow Me
    Bitter Twist
    Sometimes Happiness

  • Turn To Me Album (1/1/2002)
    Turn To Me
    Rise Up
    Take Me As I Am
    Everytime I Close My Eyes
    Tent By The Sea
    Get Here
    Sun's Up
    By My Side
    Heroes Live Forever

  • The Power Album (10/31/2000)

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