Vanden Plas Albums

  • Beyond Daylight Album (8/1/2002)
    Cold Wind
    Scarlet Flowerfields
    Healing Tree
    End Of All Days
    Free The Fire
    Can You Hear Me
    Beyond Daylight
    Point Of Know Return

  • Far Off Grace Album (10/19/1999)
    I Can See
    Far Off Grace
    Into the Sun
    Where Is the Man
    Iodic Rain
    I Don't Miss You
    Inside Of Your Head
    Fields Of Hope
    I'm In You
    Kiss Of Death

  • The God Thing Album (5/2/1997)
    Fire Blossom
    Garden Of Stones
    In You : I Believe
    Day I Die
    Crown Of Thorns
    We're Not God
    Salt In My Wounds
    You Fly

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