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A true music innovator, Van Morrison's songwriting muse has
produced well over 20 studio albums and landed him the
status of lyrical visionary.

Born in Ireland in 1945, Morrison's musician parents
schooled him well in jazz and blues. After touring with R&B
band the Monarchs as a jazz saxophonist, Morrison founded
the band Them, whose "Gloria" became an oft-covered rock
'n' roll classic. Dissatisfied with the corporate aspects
of the music world, Morrison disbanded Them and returned to

Soon, however, Morrison was back in More...

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Review about Van Morrison songs
Maggie and Jane | Reviewer: chIRANDU
    ------ About the song Who Drove the Red Sports Car performed by Van Morrison

I think I just made another discovery. Maggie and Jane, the so called friends is the marijuana. He is playing on words not making it so obvious "marry-jane"

Just Beautifully Written and Sung. | Reviewer: Angela Ragona
    ------ About the song These Are The Days performed by Van Morrison

Never heard the song until I watched the movie. I knew Van was good but when I heard the song he is now one of my favorites. If you haven't heard the song or watched the movie you should. Very well done.

Treasure your summery words | Reviewer: Dunbar
    ------ About the song In The Garden performed by Van Morrison

Some of the comments written by other people here beautifully express the emotions this song evokes. I am glad to share these feelings. I met a homeless man 20 years ago who had been beaten up. My then girlfriend an I went to help him. We waited with him for an ambulance. Whilst he sat on the floor covered in blood he looked like Christ. He sat singing lines from Van the Man songs. My girlfriend cried for days as we listened to these words. Life is so hard at times but there is always Hope

Takes me back, well, except for the snow part. | Reviewer: El Monoborracho
    ------ About the song Little Village performed by Van Morrison

I'm a small town guy from a little village. Last summer myself and wife of 30+ years spent a week touring Northern Ireland on a tandem bike, all through the glens and hills of Co. Antrim and then Belfast and the coast of Co. Down.

Nothing more to say.

In the Toilet | Reviewer: jan moran
    ------ About the song In The Garden performed by Van Morrison

Pure crap. The lyrics sound like he wrote them sittin on the bowl in the outhouse in his back garden. Just you and I and nature calling. He's a big fraud. Stream on consciouness my A--. Stream of the runs,

Keep it up Van! | Reviewer: Elle
    ------ About the song Educating Archie performed by Van Morrison

In the place where I come from the capitalist is the government and vice-versa,I don't see why we have to be so harsh with our critiques of other people's work! Van integrity may never be challanged simply because he has finally decided to go'political'. That does not amount to selling out and his idea that Capitalists control the system is not untrue either....look around you not with rose tinted glaces and you may somewhat glimpse a semblence of the truth!

Van the Man | Reviewer: Michael from Indiana
    ------ About the song Burning Ground performed by Van Morrison

I was fairly new in 12-step recovery when I first heard this song. I felt it was about a guide, a mentor, like a sponsor even who is showing someone the way. Showing them how to do the work, pulling them through, lifting something they could not, lifting the veil (mask) to show them their true goodness or perhaps their shortcomings. Jute is filler. Unneeded baggage which weighs a mind down and prevents new thoughts from being heard. Burning ground is like a fifth step, (although I'm atheist). That's what it meant to me, and always will even though I really don't know. What an awesome album it is.

    ------ About the song Wonderful Remark performed by Van Morrison

When I listen to this song, I feel the frustration of all my fellow South Africans, These lyrics are just about everything I would like to say to our President and his cabinet, with their closed eyes and empty promises, especially in the next few month leading up to our elections.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song In The Garden performed by Van Morrison

Today is a bad day, one of the worst days of my whole life, but this song gives me hope and peace. Thank you, Father, for a beautiful and touching song like this one. Not all religious songs are gospel ones.

Re: Review.... | Reviewer: Keith, TMAnimal
    ------ About the song Sweet Thing performed by Van Morrison

I hope that all those people " Of a Certain Age " appreciate my interpretation of the above lyrics.... and, incidentally, I'm totally with the Review above...We all remember what once was....( You youngsters will get it, one day )[Oh Boy will you Get It]...It seems to me, purely a personal opinion, but a lot of Van Morrison's lyrics seem to refer to the past and what was, or, more pointedly, what Might have been.... But, there again, that's life, Innit ??.....

Keith, TMAnimal

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