Van Morrison Albums

  • Born To Sing: No Plan B Album (10/2/2012)
    Open The Door (To Your Heart)
    Going Down To Monte Carlo
    Born To Sing
    End Of The Rainbow
    Close Enough For Jazz
    Mystic Of The East
    Retreat And View
    If In Money We Trust
    Pagan Heart
    Educating Archie

  • Astral Weeks: Live At The Hollywood Bowl Album (2/9/2009)
    Astral Weeks - I Believe I've Transcended
    Beside You
    Slim Slow Slider - I Start Breaking Down
    Sweet Thing
    The Way Young Lovers Do
    Cyprus Avenue - You Came Walking Down
    Ballerina - Move On Up
    Madame George
    Bonus Track
    Listen To The Lion - The Lion Speaks

  • Keep It Simple Album (3/17/2008)
    How Can A Poor Boy?
    School Of Hard Knocks
    That's Entrainment
    Don't Go To Nightclubs Anymore
    Lover Come Back
    Keep It Simple
    End Of The Land
    Song Of Home
    No Thing
    Behind The Ritual

  • Pay the Devil Album (3/7/2006)
    There Stands the Glass
    Half As Much
    Things Have Gone to Pieces
    Big Blue Diamonds
    Your Cheatin' Heart
    Don't You Make Me High
    My Bucket's Got a Hole In It
    Back Street Affair
    Pay the Devil
    What Am I Living For
    This Has Got To Stop
    Once a Day
    More and More
    'Til I Gain Control Again

  • Magic Time Album (5/17/2005)
  • What's Wrong With This Picture? Album (10/21/2003)
  • Down The Road Album (5/14/2002)
  • You Win Again Album (10/3/2000)
  • The Skiffle Sessions - Live in Belfast Album (1/25/2000)
  • Back On Top Album (3/9/1999)
  • The Philosopher's Stone Album (6/16/1998)
  • The Story of Them Album (10/20/1997)
  • The Healing Game Album (3/4/1997)
  • Tell Me Something: The Songs of Mose Allison Album (10/8/1996)
  • How Long Has This Been Going On Album (1/9/1996)
  • Days Like This Album (6/20/1995)
  • A Night in San Francisco Album (5/17/1994)
  • Too Long in Exile Album (6/8/1993)
  • Best of Van Morrison Volume Two Album (3/9/1993)
  • The Lost Tapes Album (3/1/1992)
  • Hymns to the Silence Album (9/24/1991)
  • Bang Masters Album (2/26/1991)
  • Enlightenment Album (2/1/1990)
  • Avalon Sunset Album (6/1/1989)
  • Irish Heartbeat Album (4/1/1988)
  • Poetic Champions Compose Album (4/1/1987)
  • No Guru, No Method, No Teacher Album (7/1/1986)
  • A Sense of Wonder Album (4/1/1985)
  • Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast Album (2/1/1984)
  • The Inarticulate Speech of the Heart Album (5/1/1983)
  • Beautiful Vision Album (4/1/1982)
  • Common One Album (4/1/1980)
  • Into the Music Album (4/1/1979)
  • Wavelength Album (4/1/1978)
  • A Period of Transition Album (4/1/1977)
  • This Is Where I Came In Album (3/1/1977)
  • It's Too Late to Stop Now Album (3/1/1974)
  • Veedon Fleece Album (2/1/1974)
  • T.B. Sheets Album (1/1/1974)
  • Hard Nose the Highway Album (8/1/1973)
  • Saint Dominic's Preview Album (4/1/1972)
  • Tupelo Honey Album (10/1/1971)
  • His Band & Street Choir Album (10/1/1970)
  • Moondance Album (2/1/1970)
  • Astral Weeks Album (11/1/1968)
  • Blowin' Your Mind! Album (4/1/1967)
  • The Best of Van Morrison Album (3/1/1967)

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    Reviews about Van Morrison albums
    favorite van lp | Reviewer: dave schmidt
        ------ About the album Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast performed by Van Morrison

    these musicians, as great as they all are, where far more than parts of the whole as they became vanitized by the man himself. I recall wasting $ on Peruvian flake for several edgy weeks when my only late night earpeace was that album. great selection of tunes w/stellar performance by all. really love the new headspace of van w/the healing game. van at top of wish list. ds

    Sweet Thing | Reviewer: drjoe
        ------ About the album Astral Weeks performed by Van Morrison

    Being in a mystic garden wet with rain, the poetic champion born from above is there beside you as a stranger in a strange land looking for his home in the heavens; inspired, the slim slow slider troubadour spontaneously ( with practice ) sings forth the words of weeks and eons along astral planes as Madam Ballerina dances with George down the cypress lined avenue, the way young lovers do.

    As a witness, your socks and shirt and pants and hat get blown off. If you really want to see and hear what it's all about, watch the'73 live version of the "It's Too late to Stop Now" tour

    The Man at WORK | Reviewer: kelly cargo
        ------ About the album Days Like This performed by Van Morrison

    I was just looking for the words and lyrics toANcient Hiway when I stumbled in this rabbit hole. But, yeah color anything Van and I'll buy it...
    Peace kell

    WoW | Reviewer: Derek
        ------ About the album Too Long in Exile performed by Van Morrison

    This is classic Van many years after he "peaked"; THE MAN can belt the blues with the best of them (Hooker, etc.) and of course has his very own unique style of vocal tremelos, etc. making his voice the very essence of a musical instrument. The man must have known at a young age that even as a "senior" he'd still be around jumping (probably not too high anymore, but nonetheless)and sharing his great Irish Tenor to the masses, as well as well crafted lyrics and his skilled multi-instrumental abilities! Go Van, a world treasure!!

    I wish I still had this. | Reviewer: Andy
        ------ About the album It's Too Late to Stop Now performed by Van Morrison

    This is my favorite Van Morrison album,not just because it is his best songs to that time,or for the fact that its a live show,its how the bluesy styling of the performance brings out the colour of the mans soul.

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