Vampiria Albums

  • Wicked Charm Album (12/1/2002)
    Break The Seal
    Venom Of God (Path Of Doom)
    Unholy War
    Eclipse Of Souls
    Dark Emotions
    Darkness, Swallows - Me
    The Gloomy Labyrinths Of Dementia
    Ancient Fear
    Reminiscence Of Hell (Vlad's Dominions)

  • Among Mortals Album (3/25/2000)
    Legacy In Blood
    Ambassador Of Morning (Salve Luxfer)
    Brother Wolf (The Path Of Seventh Moon)
    The Hand Of Death
    Legend Of A Curse
    Crown Of Crows
    Pagan Celebrations (Celtic Evocation)
    Satan Legion's Comes
    Requiem For A Vampire (Forest Of Agony)
    Grull Has Arrived

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