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Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
Vampires In love
You Wanna Make Something Of Vampires In Love

These Two Vampires Met One Night
Dont You Know It Was Love At First Bite
They Went Out To The Cemetary
Daylights Coming So They Better Hurry

Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
You Wanna Make Something Of Vampires In Love

Vampires In Love Is A Beautiful Sight
Dawn Is Nearing
Its Growing Light
The Suns Coming Up Baby Cover Your Eyes
The Light Hit Their Faces As They Stand Side By Side

Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
Vampires In Love
You Wanna Make Something Of Vampires In Love?
Tonight,Tonight Vampires In Love

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A Real Fan Can Tell | Reviewer: Koopah | 11/3/2008

I had some problems finding the lyrics to this song .... I knew it wasn't recored by the Misfits but they kept coming up as the artists .... If you listen to it and actually know what the Misfits sound like in all they're Undead Glory, them you can tell this song isn't The Misfits ....

Its not the Misfits | Reviewer: Monty | 9/17/2008

Way to go all of you hardcore Misfit fans...THIS ISN'T BY THEM! The fact that this song is not listed on the Misfits homepage may be the tip off. If you buy the Deadlines album, "The Death and Life Of..." you can hear it.
Unless this band is totally stealing from the Misfits, which I doubt, its not by them. Hate to break all of your goth hearts, but its not a Misfits song from the late 60's, early 70's or when Danzig was 19 and played keyboard. Its by a bunch of Christian rockers turned Horror punk who broke up in 2002.

Vampire love | Reviewer: zombipigeon | 8/25/2008

it is by the dead lines

you can look them up yourself.

when i first heard this song, i was pretty skeptical. it sounded nothing like the old or new misfits.

but yeah.
it's by the deadlines (look them up)

misfits "vampira" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/2008

the misfits have a song called vampira but this is not it, the song vampira can be found on many albums 12 hits from hell, walk among us, or on various disc of theier box set.its from the danzig era

vampire love revieew | Reviewer: mike | 8/10/2007

ok you have to be a total idiot to think this song is by the fits
1. it sounds nothing like danzig,michale graves,or myke hidious
2.its a horror punk song although misfits were the fouders of horror punk this was writiin in a diffent time period
3 ahah the truth........ The band is The Deadlines, album "The Death and Life Of..."
track #3 "Vampires in Love"
there you have it people its by the dead lines any ture fiend would know this inst a fits song

yes | Reviewer: Insanity | 8/6/2007

yes, this song is by the Misfits, but it's a rare song. which is also why it's not always listed in any of their albums. but it IS by the Misfits.

btw, it's one of my fave songs by them.

._.;; | Reviewer: Insomnia | 7/24/2007

Well, it's the misfits style, but the song doesen't sound like danzig... And I checked their webpage and I didn't find the song in their album review, I'm confused o.o;;

ive just want a copy of this song | Reviewer: | 7/24/2007

i loved this song but havent heard it in many many years i was told it was a misfits song but never really believed it i remember the recording being to clean and cant find any info or even a copy of the song if anyone can help me send me an email at thanks

I heard... | Reviewer: Joeggernaut | 7/20/2007

I heard that it is MIsfits, i was told that.
It is suposed to be a 19 year old Glen Danzig.

Based on that info, it is erly seventies, probaly late sixties.

RAWR | Reviewer: Tawny | 7/13/2007

I found a verison by the misfits but the link doesnt work anymore.. Im pretty sure its a old misfits song.. im looking for info now

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