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Valley's Eve Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 02:10:15 AM

Valley's Eve release their third album with 'Deception of Pain' and, at the same time, document the greatest step in their development to date. The Band with frontman Roberto Dimitri Liapakis lay stress on twelve exciting, powerful songs and use the entire palette of a contemporary Power Metal album. Each song sparkles with a guitar-oriented and yet constantly transparent overall sound, which clearly profits from the band'a intelligent songwriting and clever arrangements.

As far as their style goes. Valley's Eve take a step further than the pure Progressive Metal of their debut album. On 'Deception of Pain' the band blend aggressive Power Metal with short skips away to borderung styles, still laying stress on thoroughbred guitar work and using isolated keyboard parts only where required, or as additional colouring.

'Deception of Pain' is a concept album comprising of 12 chapters (songs) and dealing with the manifold phenomena of suicide. "The basis of the album is a book written by an American psychiatrist who had spoken to failed suicides", singer Lia explains. "The thing that connects all these failed suicide attempts is that all the subjects spoke of an inexplicable pain immediately before the attempt. Hence the title, Deception of Pain."

The Album was recorded in the Music Factory in Kempten and produced by frontman R.D. Liapakis himself, with support from engineer Christian Schmid. The Material was then mixed and mastered in Hagen by Eroc (Boa, Grobschnitt, etc. etc.). The ambitious procedure has audibly enhanced the Album's quality.

Valley's Eve was formed in 1993. Two years later they were joined by the Greek vocalist Roberto Dimitri Liapakis, who helbped the band turn the corner to a more melodic metal oriented direction.

Line up 1998:

Vocals: R.D.Liapakis
Guitar: Mario Cavasin
Bass: Dietmar Aumann
Keys: Tony Mang
Drums: Christian Vitek

Their debut album 'Prodigia' was released in January 1996, distributed by ZYX-Music and worldwide sales reached almost 6.000 units. The Band was impressive on stage,too. At the "Prodigia" release party 600 jubilant Fans gave the band a frenetic welcome. In Spring 1999 Valley's Eve signed a contract with the German label, B.Mind Records and several monthe later they released their second album, " The Atmosphere of Silence".

Line up 1999:

Vocals: R.D.Liapakis
Guitar: Mario Cavasin
Bass: Martin Albrecht
Keys: Tony Mang
Drums: Markus Krings

They followed this up with a tour through Germany and the Benelux countries supporting RAGE and NIGHTWISH. In Autumn 2000, the guitarist, Mario Cavasin, left Valley's Eve for family reasons, but the band found a worthy successor in former RED TO GREY Axeman, Frank Pané. Another new face is that of drummer Frank Huber, who formerly earned his keep with TRACE and earlier with TRIPLE-X.

Line up 2001:

Vocals: R.D. Liapakis
Guitar: Frank Pané
Bass/Keys: Martin Albrecht
Drums: Frank Huber

Together with singer Lia and bass player Martin Albrecht the new Valley's Eve line-up has become a homogenous unity within a few months, and one in which avery musician blends the strong points of the others with his own style, this inspiring the entire band to new heights. After the successful replacement of the vacant posts within the band. "Deception of Pain" is now on the shelves ready to convince the fans of this group's great potential and qualitiy for the third time. The huge musical experience of the two foremost band members, Lia and Martin, both of whom form the cornerstones of the Metal band, MYSTIC PROPHECY, is also noticeable. Lia and Martin have not only managed to fill the gap left by their predecessors, but to manoever Valley's Eve into an eben higher creative sphere. This band has never sounded so compositionally tight and technically explosive as they do on "Deception of Pain".