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Philadelphia-based Valencia is taking the underground music
scene by storm. I-Surrender Records label owner Rob Hitt
discovered Valencia in his box of demos in late March
2005. Within 10 minutes of listening to their three-track
offering, he knew there was something very special about
Valencia, says Rob. "It was 3 AM, but I was so moved by
their music that I called them and offered to release a
full length without hesitation." says Hitt. A week later,
Valencia became part of the I-Surrender Family.

Formed less than two year ago, More...

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Reviews about Valencia songs

AMAZING | Reviewer: Samantha
    ------ About the song Away We Go performed by Valencia

I grew up with this band, they live right near me down in PA. I remember when they first wrote Space Between like 5 years ago i thought it was the most amazing song alive. Their whole album is amazing, you should definetly buy it you wont be sorry:]

OMFG | Reviewer: Willow Tkachyk
    ------ About the song The Space Between performed by Valencia

omg i love this song!!!
i went to the boys like girls concert last nighht [november 4th]
and actually saw them live.
there was valencia, all time low,
the audition, and of course boys like girls.
before last night i didnt know about valencia
or the audtion but all day i have been listening to
both of them.
there my new favorites!!!
lovew you guys.
Willow Tkachyk

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Backs Against The Wall performed by Valencia

I can't believe no one else has commented on this song!! It's simply amazing!! and it's not another meaningless song!

love it | Reviewer: Kelsey Fay
    ------ About the song Will We Ever Know How? performed by Valencia

i love this song and valencia. :]
i can't wait to see them on warped tour :]]]]

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