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Valencia Biography

Last updated: 11/23/2008 11:00:00 AM

Philadelphia-based Valencia is taking the underground music scene by storm. I-Surrender Records label owner Rob Hitt discovered Valencia in his box of demos in late March 2005. Within 10 minutes of listening to their three-track offering, he knew there was something very special about Valencia, says Rob. "It was 3 AM, but I was so moved by their music that I called them and offered to release a full length without hesitation." says Hitt. A week later, Valencia became part of the I-Surrender Family.

Formed less than two year ago, this quintet creates an infectious blend of guitar-mangled, multi-layered, melodic rock reminiscent of early Saves the Day fused with Thrice, but with Valencia's own unique personality and character. Meet the band and it's clear what drives theis character. The ideas and personalities of the musicians in Valencia are anything but familiar in todays saturated scene. Perhaps this is a function of their checkered backgrounds. Shane (vocals) worked as a beer-man during Eagles games; JD (guitar) gave up a full soccer scholarship to play in the band; Brendan (guitar) was one of only 22 people in America to get sued by the RIAA for file sharing; Max (drums) builds his own instruments and immigrated from philippines via cargo ship; and George (bass) worked in an Alaskan fish cannery one summer. Whatever the case may be, this relatively young acts amazing musicianship, mature song writing ability, and professionalism are impressive; in fact, it's fair to say that Valencia, as a whole package is on par with or surpasses the skill of any of the scenes past or present favorite bands. These characteristics set Valencia apart from their peers.

Sharing the stage with modern day peers like Brand New, The Starting Line, Me Without You, Senses Fail, Mae, The Early November, Days Away, Hidden in Plain View and Owen, Valencia has played everwhere from Los Angeles to New Your City. The band will constantly be on tour for the next year in support of their debut album, This Could Be A Possibility. Check them out when they come to your hometown and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to myka havens for submitting the biography.