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Voltaire Vagina Song Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2014 03:59:17 PM

Some of them are hairy
Some of them are bald
Some are kinda scary
And this is what they're called...

(Vagina) (X2)
They call that thing vagina

Some belong to virgins
They're really tight and strong
But big or small, I love 'em all
That's why I sing my song

They call that thing vagina

Some of them are smelly
Like clams, and fish, and such
Some smell like a summers' eve
'Cause they've been douched too much

They call that thing vagina (X2)

Nothing could be finer than to be in a vagina in the morning

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my music sucks | Reviewer: Voltaire | 2/20/14

Yes thats right my music sucks because of the fact that my music is 100% computer generated and that a retarded monkey would have a better voice than me and the fact that all my viewer base is composed of dumbfucks who dont understand what real music is allows me to write lyrics thst suck however this set of lyrics that i recently wrote about hairy vaginas was a real hit

Not Voltaire | Reviewer: Enchantra | 3/30/09

This is NOT a Voltaire song. Make sure you know what the artiest has done before putting things up that are not theirs. This song may be good for a quick chuckle, but it's a disgrace to put Voltaire's name on it. Compared to Voltaire's music, this song sucks.Change it, take it down, anything because the information is WRONG.

I think that it's good | Reviewer: Heather | 5/24/07

I'm not too sure who the artist is, but the lyrics are 100% how i remember them to be :) great song... lol, look it up!