Vader Albums

  • Sothis Album
    Hymn To The Ancient Ones
    De Profundis
    Vision And The Voice
    The Wrath
    Black Sabbath

  • Blood Album (9/22/2003)
    We Wait
    As The Fallen Rise Again
    Son Of Fire
    Angel Of Death
    When Darkness Calls

  • Revelations Album (1/1/2002)
    Epitaph (For Humanity)
    The Nomad
    When Darkness Calls
    Torch Of War
    The Code
    Lukewarm Race
    The Revelations Of Black Moses

  • Reign Forever World Album (1/1/2001)
    Reign Forever World
    Frozen Paths
    Privilege Of The Gods
    Total Desaster
    Rapid Fire
    Freezing Moon
    Creatures Of Light And Darkness (Live)
    Carnal (Live)
    Red Dunes
    Lord Of Desert

  • Litany Album (1/1/2000)
  • Kingdom Album (11/10/1998)
  • Black to the Blind Album (12/1/1997)
  • Future of the Past Album (12/1/1996)
  • De Profundis Album (12/1/1995)
  • Darkest Age: Live '93 Album (7/27/1994)
  • The Ultimate Incantation Album (12/1/1992)

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