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the name

One of the most frequently asked questions is what the
letters VNV stand for. They stand for "Victory not
Vengeance". The meaning behind this stylised motto is that
one should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret.


VNV Nation are Ronan Harris (electronics, lyrics, vocals)
and Mark Jackson (drums).


The project preserves that which it seeks to express; the
notion of Europe, modern and classical, clashing. So many
facets representing her land. Mythology and Technology in
uneasy fusion. The music? Cold More...

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Review about VNV Nation songs
Such a Powerful song. | Reviewer: E#lric Ragoczy
    ------ About the song Endless Skies (Live) performed by VNV Nation

This version of the song is like the core of emotion while singing.
there's an ethereal power to Ronin's voice. it's like you can tell these lyrics come from his very being.
this song ranks in my top 3 favorites of all time. not just of VNV but of all artist.
I certainly hope music like VNV's IS the future of pop.
music with a meaning.

Hypocrites | Reviewer: Love VNV
    ------ About the song Chrome performed by VNV Nation

This song is about egotistical hypocrites- the general masses who dress, act, and talk to be seen. They wear a chrome mask. They are not true to themselves, and this live in a perpetual ego hell where they are constantly preening themselves for admiration, constantly looking outside of themselves for others to declare their "value." The fact is, you cannot save people from themselves...

"End of Days"? | Reviewer: E
    ------ About the song End Of Days performed by VNV Nation

Where was this song called "End of Days"? I have every VNV album, and the album this song is on, it is referred to as "Further". As far as I know, VNV does not have a song in the entirety of their discography called "End of Days".

Amazing. | Reviewer: Sarge
    ------ About the song Endless Skies performed by VNV Nation

All of VNV Nations songs have always touched me in a way, even the ones with a beat I disliked, his lyrics have always had a very powerful meaning. I love this song, hard to not cry when listening to it to be truthful.

One of the best | Reviewer: Damis
    ------ About the song Chrome performed by VNV Nation

I see this song as describing the complacency of masses who live in ignorance of their surroundings, only interacting within an artificially made bubble of their own psuedo-reality whilst inflicting harm on others who dare to extend their own sense faculties.

The chorus particularly portrays to me the consequence of their actions that they are unaware of but also the element of self emancipation, that to attempt to liberate such masses is nor desirable or possible as it is for them to do it.

In short an analysis of the aspects/features of a sleeping mass.

I think the monotone nature of Ronan's voice is a strength, it adds a sense of dramatic importance to his words, the fact that the substance is so potent that there is no need for vocal techniques.

Another great song from VNV | Reviewer: Jon
    ------ About the song Homeward performed by VNV Nation

I just got tuned back into VNV these past few weeks going through a breakup. I noticed I didn't have any of Matter+Form and started listening to it. This is one of the most amazing songs I think I've ever heard. Hope, love and strength emanate from Ronan's lyrics yet again. He is saying that even though times can seem hard, even when you are lost without even a star to guide you, as long as you have belief in something then you can't lose hope. The beat, electro and voice is great from a band standpoint as well.

Pure awesome | Reviewer: Nat
    ------ About the song Kingdom performed by VNV Nation

I've always thought the inspiration for this song to be Milton's Lucifer, especially because of the line "to make in hell for us a heaven." which is almost a direct quote from Paradise Lost. And basically the whole song is very similar to the beginning of the poem, when Lucifer is floating in the sea of fire and saying that they will find their own way, and will oppose their greatest opposition and oppressor, God. Some say that unintentionally, Milton made his Lucifer more human than any other figure in the poem, for he is so relatable to humans and our ways and thoughts.

miss you love | Reviewer: lost
    ------ About the song Chrome performed by VNV Nation

I see this song differently than most I guess. I hear it and think of my best friend who was caught up in a tough lifestyle that ended up killing her. her friend stabbed her for 5k dollars, she trusted people who lied and the only freedom she ever got was the fire of her cremation. she was 21. miss you love.

You say it! Perfect. | Reviewer: Abyshure
    ------ About the song Chrome performed by VNV Nation

Generalmente la voz del cantante le da cierto feeling a VNV y esto es contagioso ya que no puedes solamente escuchar sus canciones, sino también cantarlas. Esta canción en especial no solo argumenta la voz, sino también el gran ritmo que posee como ya lo han dicho, es una canción bailable y de buena lírica, simplemente perfecta.

How many years... | Reviewer: Ten
    ------ About the song Endless Skies performed by VNV Nation

There's a somberness about the song that kind of drags you into listening a little more carefully--at least, that's how I hear it and how I've always listened to it. How long has it been since you just took the time to look at and appreciate the world around *you*?

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