Utada Hikaru Lyrics

She's "That Japanese girl" that you're going to be hearing
a lot from, soon.

"Utada" is her family name, and music is the family
business. Born in Manhattan to a
traditional-Japanese-style-singer Mom and musician/producer
Dad, she was flying frequently between New York and Tokyo
before she had learned to walk. Now, 21 years old and
bilingual, Utada prizes her unstable, nomadic upbringing
which has instilled in her an open yet analytic mind, and
the confidence to quickly adapt to any new environment.

To Utada, both metropolises are More...

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Review about Utada Hikaru songs
the best song | Reviewer: Ethan
    ------ About the song Simple And Clean performed by Utada Hikaru

Simple and clean is one of the best songs i have listened to in a long time it was the Thing that brings back my time i have lost so just listen to it

RE:Biggest KH fan eva | Reviewer: Bob Billy
    ------ About the song Passion performed by Utada Hikaru

In Japan we put our surname first. It is not a stage name, it's just the way we say our name: Last comes first. Everyone calls us by our last name here in Japan.

the one i love forever | Reviewer: duck
    ------ About the song First Love performed by Utada Hikaru

I have first love with someone, he is so kind and we are enemy at first. We are together for about one years and he said that he loves me, and after 1 week relationship, we break up. I'm so sad that i just can cry, until now, it's about one year after that :') and i still love him, but he has another girl already. I just can think that he is like my brother and keep this feeling as secret forever.

Eternally | Reviewer: Jo Ann
    ------ About the song Eternally performed by Utada Hikaru

I dedicate this song for an eternal love that i have for "Odi'', you always stay here in my heart, but i know for now it's not possible maybe it's not meant to be
But i will keep my love for you Eternally ♥♥♥

"first love" never... DIES . . . it stays FOREVER . . . . . in my HEART! <3 | Reviewer: mariebless
    ------ About the song First Love performed by Utada Hikaru

the first time we knew each other was through text message. it was because of his cousin who happens to be my friend in a clan, who gave my cellphone number to him.. after few months of texting and knowing each other, he courted me (september 2010) . because of his perseverance and sincerity, i accepted his love! (january 25, 2011). we had constant communication for 7 months. then we met on our 8th monthsary.. :) after that meeting, our relationship grew stronger. we made plans for our future, he promised that he would study hard and aim higher so that we will have a better future and that could make me realize that I'M SO BLESSED TO HAVE HIM IN MY LIFE and he also feels the same way too.. on september of the same year, our communication suddenly stopped because he got sick.. :( because of having no communication for almost 2 months, i assumed that our relationship is over. . on the 22nd day of december 2011, an unknown number called me. when i answered the phone call, the voice was so familiar and the only person that came into my mind is him, my BHE :') . but because i was afraid to answer him, i passed the phone to my classmate. my classmate asked his name and after knowing that it was really him, my classmate asked if what's the real status of our relationship.. he answered that we're still fine. . and after that, my classmate passed the phone to me. we talked for minutes asking how was he, and he answered that he is still sick but going better than before.. that was the end of our conversation.. and I NEVER THOUGHT THAT IT WOULD BE THE "LAST" . . . days after, i was so excited for our upcoming FIRST ANNIVERSARY! on January 12 2012, 13 days before our anniversary, while we are having our recitation. i was called by my teacher, who happens to be his aunt, to answer her question about our lesson. when i answered my teacher, she noticed that i'm not in the mood. i feel so lonely but i don't know the reason why.. until the teacher told the whole class, "don't mind her because it's normal when you've lost a loved one.. her boyfriend passed away. ." the whole class was shocked hearing the news and all of them looked at me. i immediately stood up saying, "weh? are you sure ma'am???" then, she said "yes, he just passed away last december 25, 2011." that was also our 11th monthsary.. after hearing that, i suddenly sat down and my tears began to fall unexpectedly. .
that night, it was confirmed through his mother that he's gone... GONE FOREVER. . . :'((
the reason why his family didn't inform me because it was his last wish.. he didn't want me to feel sad and pity on him..
and his mother sent a message left by his son for me..
"... i love you babykoh.. be happy always... :))"
i cried a river of tears and memories of us together flashed back..
especially that moment when ha sang a song for me entitled


- MARIE JOHN 01/25/2011

hatsukoi | Reviewer: someone
    ------ About the song First Love performed by Utada Hikaru

i have first love, he is the first boy that i interest. i know him since i'm a little girl. he is like a brother for me, and until now he think that i'm just his sister. but i don't want let or hoping him to know my feeling. i just wanna save him as my sweet memory... its better for me and for him

love silently | Reviewer: Bun
    ------ About the song First Love performed by Utada Hikaru

I've loved someone for 2 years and he doesn't know that i hv special feeling for him. I can't reveal this feeling to him, too afraid. I'm afraid he will be changed if he knows that i love him. I hope, someday he can know my feeling to him. You hv filled my heart, dear :)

my first love died when i want to go back | Reviewer: Gemini
    ------ About the song First Love performed by Utada Hikaru

he is my senior at highschool.. August 2009..
I don't know everything about love, kiss, and hug,,
and he gave it all like a birthday gift!!i love him... Our one-year relationship ended b'coz of a misunderstanding '' August 2010''.. Never meet or see him again,, i'm sad when i remember him!! i'm like a stupid girl,, August 2011 in facebook he chatting me,,, ask my number phone,, i'm happy and i give my number phone,, he send me a text message '' sorry'',, february 2012 he calls me and i answer,, we talk for hours,, he send a text message again '' i'm sorry citra''!!! he apologized and wanted to go back but i can't b'coz i've had someone,, after that no more communication.. August 2012 my relationship with other is ended,, i'm sad,, i chose to go to another town and stay with my aunt.. In another town i'm remember him and i cry!! February 2013 i returned to my home town,, hoping to meet him again.. But that didn't happen as my wish.. March 6 2013 accident in the workplace killing him.. I'm late!!

hatsukoi... | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song First Love performed by Utada Hikaru

I've been in a long distance relationship with someone VERY special to me for almost 18 months... But I found out that she found someone new who she loves more than me, and wants to be with because he is closer. He is also better off than me, but I don't believe that was the main influence in her decision...

Anyway, it's been so tough for me... but this song is exactly what I feel for her. Even though she could meet someone else and is with them now, she is still my first and only love... and I am positive she will still be my love, even if I find someone else. She will always be special to me... no matter how the thought of her with another kills me, it doesn't change my feelings about her. I love her so much :)

Thank you so much | Reviewer: SomeoneLostWithLove
    ------ About the song Come Back To Me performed by Utada Hikaru

I love this song very much. It is very touching and i admit, i've cried while listening to the first verse. I'm going to sing this song to my special person. He's been my bestest friend and is a very important in my life. For some reason, it's like he's changed. He just doesn't love me anymore. I want him back so much. Thank you Utada-chan. This song is currently my favourite. Although, i didn't cheat on him >_> its just the first verse that i especially loved. <3

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