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One Hit Wonder Useless Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

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You feel like no one ever could
Guess everyone does
Wanna get better but you can't
Having one of those nights two of those nights
Three of those nights
There's no sleep

When you're staring at the wall
Barrel to the temple
Useless. Your whole life's a passing phase
Useless. Can't take another day
This whole world has got you down
Just can't take it anymore
Blow it away
Gotta get out of this rut
Get off your butt, get something done
Why are you afraid

When it's all been said and done
Who'll pull the trigger on your gun
Me or you

When you're starring at the wall
Barrel to the temple
Useless. You're whole life's just a passing phase
Useless. Can't fake another day
Useless. Your useless
Useless. So useless give it one more day

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