Useless I.D. Lyrics

Guy - vocals, guitar
Ishay - guitar, vocals
Yotam - vocals, bass
Ido Blaustein - drums

Useless ID is a punk rock band from Haifa, Israel. We
started playing in early 94',and pretty much sucked. At our
first few shows we got spat on so much,that we had to get
better in case to survive Israel's hard punk rock laws
(which include,covering One Way System songs,which we didnt
do,hence why people are still spitting on us here.

Anyway,we toured the U.S. 3 times,toured Europe once,did 2
records on our own tiny "Falafel Records",had a few 7"s More...

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31-12-98 | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Out Of Tune performed by Useless I.D.

As far as I'm aware this song was never released under the name "Out of Tune" and is only available on the "The Gone With the Wind of Punk Rock Samplers" punk compilation by Kung Fu records. The title of the track on this CD is "31-12-98". Also, it's FUCKING MINT!

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