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Davion Farris Use Me Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2012 10:26:57 AM

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Round, brown, chocolate thing,
See off in this skirt,
Trying to see whats underneath,
I got you laughing with that flute,
You look so good, Im glad I snatched it
Put your number on this napkin so I can show you what its happening.
cause I,
Never missed a show and knew exactly what I wanted,
Liked to play professor so she gave me that true knowledge,
Said she wanna take me on a trip so I was on it.
Damn, what could be better than
You and me getting closer, now that sounds like a plan.
She told me to come over, cause Im better than her man,

Baby, I dont mind the way that you use me

Shes so fly, hid all my haters from money,
Always trying to wake her up and get it in the morning
Right off to the doggie shit is all the thing she call me
Damn, Im glad I am a man, the way that were blowing wish something like a fan.
Baby, I dont mind the way that you use me

I dont mind the way that you use me

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