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Us5 Biography

Last updated: 11/26/2008

US5 is a multinational all-male pop band, first established in 2005. The group's launch to fame was financed by Lou Pearlman, an Orlando confidence trickster who made millions with a penny stock "pump and dump" scheme and a fraudulent savings program. The band originated in 2005 on the German RTL II television reality show Big in America and debuted in June of the same year on Pearlman’s Transcontinental label. US5 became successful throughout central Europe with their first album Here We Go and with several hit records thereafter.

After the band was created in spring 2005, they released their first single “Maria”, which received a Gold Record in the US, a Number 1 hit in Germany and was a huge summer hit in several European countries. Later, they released their first album in October 2005 which received Gold and Platinum records in Germany and Austria. In 2006, US5 completed their tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, after which they traveled to Great Britain for a few months, to promote their album Here We Go and to release their single “Maria” which charted just at #38.

In fall 2006, their second album, In Control, was released. They made a good impression in (Poland, and received Golden Records there for both albums.

In fall 2007, band member Mikel Johnson decided to leave. He was replaced by Vincent Tomas.

In August 2008, Christoph “Chris” Watrin decided to leave the band because of "burnout syndrome". Chris was replaced with Cayce Clayton

US5, have taken the World by storm and have been hailed as the next 'supergroup' by the media and several people in the music industry. Already a huge success in various parts of Europe, the band has been touring the UK playing at gigs and supporting Girls Aloud and Simon Webbe. US5 also has their very own tv show - Big In America, which airs on Friday evenings on TMF at 6.30pm. US5 love the UK and the British fans and already have sack loads of mail and literally thousands of messages on their official website. The boys can't believe the amazing reception they have had and want to thank everyone for their support. This is the new big thing from Pop Mogul Lou Pearlman (the creative genius behing The Backstreet Boys and N'Sync). The band were formed from the hit TV reality show "Big in America." These 5 guys sing brilliantly, dance and are creatively talented with some members of the band composing songs and lyrics for their albums. From literally thousands of hopefuls, Big In America narrowed down a final list of young men with great vocal and dancing talent and sent them to a mini music 'boot camp' in Orlando USA to develop their skills and confirm the final 5 members of the band. From these amazing start in the USA, US5 then worked supremely hard to achieve great success in Europe. With support from their European Management Company, Triple M, the band hit No.1 in the German Billboard Charts with their debut single "Maria" and received the German Radio Music Award for "Best Newcomer 2005." "This is the ultimate boy band" says Pearlman, CEO of Trans Continental Records. US5 consists of Michael,Chris, Jay, Izzy and Richie. The group now live and work in Europe