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Hilary Duff Us Against the World Lyrics

Last updated: 04/28/2009 11:00:00 AM

There is no one else that I can say this to
And there is nothing better than to talk to you
If you have a problem, I'll be here for you
'cause girl you always know that
it's us against the world

I met someone the other night
Someone I really started to like
How will I know if he's right for me
I wonder if we are meant to be
Don't start to like him too much
too soon


You know that boy I started to see
He thinks he can have it all for free
I wonder if he's the one for me
I try to talk to my self and to see
Don't start to like him too much
too soon

(Chorus 2x)

Whenever you're near there is no fear
It feels like there's nothing I can't do
You make me feel strong
'cause it's here with you that I belong


There ain't nobody else but you
that makes me feel the way that I do
There ain't nobody else but you
It's us against the world


Thanks to Kate for submitting Us Against the World Lyrics.

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Us Against The World | Reviewer: Kate | 4/28/09

I love this song and Hilary in her early years. You're right this wasn't sung by her. She danced to it in an episode, I think the episode was 'The Courtship of Miranda' or something like that. Yes someone else did sing it. I still love this song and I remember when I was little my sister and I would dance to it all the time. We made up our own little dance for it. I miss those days.

hilary fan gökan:D | Reviewer: gokhan | 7/17/07

this song is greatt. ı love hilaryy duff very much.ı wish ı could see her.ı want her to come turkey and give a concert ı am from istanbul

best wishes
Gokhan Adıbelli

Incorrect Credits | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

This song was not sung by Hilary Duff. She only danced to the song which was already recorded by a band named Play. She did not produce in any way part of that song!