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Story of Uriah Heep.

Kirk Blows, author of the Uriah Heep Story

URIAH HEEP thrive on drama! That was what one particular
scribe said of Heep some time back when reflecting on the
history of a band who've not just survived twenty years of
rock and roll history but have been instrumental in writing
part of that very history. Since the band's inception back
in 1970, through the blizzardous, hazy but not so lazy
Seventies, and on throughout the adventurous,
globe-trotting Eighties Uriah Heep have played their part,
climbing new More...

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Reviews about Uriah Heep songs

WISE MAN sooths the SEEKER | Reviewer: CHEEZ
    ------ About the song WISE MAN performed by Uriah Heep

Trevor Bolder makes it clear in WISE MAN that Uriah Heep can do very well without David Byron handling the lead vocals. He delivers such Soul and Passion throughout that one can truly feel the pain of wanting to Know the Truth, but realizing the Journey will take a lifetime of Patience.

Sunrise great Song | Reviewer: Phil Wright
    ------ About the song SUNRISE performed by Uriah Heep

A Great Powerfull song from one of the most underated bands ever. one of the hardest rocking bands of the 70's I saw them several times in concert and to this day they stand out as some of the best shows i ever saw.

The Dance... and its meaning | Reviewer: M. Repo from Finland
    ------ About the song THE DANCE performed by Uriah Heep

Old song, and althought it is not sung by Byron, it is beautiful and mystic.
I dont know from where the idea for these lyrics came, maybe it is painting hanging in some gallery wall, or is it from some sience fiction book. Anyway, i bought the record Innocent Victim from Leningrad, Russia in 1982.It was a Russian version, i mean low fidelity sound and a plain green cover with no picture in it,names in Russian and English.But despite all these flaws, it was and still is a great record. Uriah Heeps records are all different, they were, back then, constantly evolving and changing... Sad and humble song, but beautiful!

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song QUESTION performed by Uriah Heep

This is a great spiritual song from Uriah Heep , I,m a great fan from 1970 and.....Hope to see them in Norway soon..!!

so touching | Reviewer: sheree
    ------ About the song RAIN performed by Uriah Heep

because my love sings it and every time my heart dances

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