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Uranium 235 has strong industrial edge, which combines with
dance/electronic/techno music, as well as heavy, powerful
guitars. Their vocals range from gorgeous singing to a
raging scream. The band is noted for its unique ability to
maintain a strong techno/dance groove without sacrificing
heavy guitar riffs. Uranium 235 has been compared to such
influential bands as Depeche Mode, Ministry, and Nine Inch
Nails, but these comparisons really do them no justice.
Uranium 235 is one of the few bands on the modern music
scene to achieve a More...

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Review about Uranium 235 songs
Beautiful | Reviewer: Dagger
    ------ About the song Bleed My Disease performed by Uranium 235

I remember seeing these guys open for Type O Negative at a dingy venue called The Brewery (Thunderdome) in Lousiville, KY around 96 or 97. Uranium 235 sounded just like they did on their demo cassette (remember those things). I still have it to this day. It's surprisingly not as good as their actual CD with this song on it. The demo was more raw. The CD sounds overproduced as if they thought about it too much.

Regardless this song is still pretty good. You can find it on youtube. Thanks to Uranium 235's lovely sound on this song I was able to entice a few girlfriends into a different stage of eroticism. Thanks, guys!

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