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Link 80 Up To The Top Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:39:28 AM

Climb up to the top, get knocked down to the ground. When will all the bullsh*t stop? What goes around comes around. My success is measured by comparison to you, your time's come and gone, you are f*cking through. Too proud to admit that you don't know it all. Pride doesn't mean sh*t when your back's against the wall... Not gonna give up no matter what you say, I know that life is tough, I'm reminded of it everyday. I pick myself up and then I start again, it's endless cycle that it's never gonna ed. When you say that I'm a failure, I know that you are wrong, whatever doesn't kill me will only make me strong. I will make an effort until the day I die, I will stand on my two feet and I will always try.