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Cat Power Up And Gone Lyrics

Last updated: 04/29/2013 04:43:39 AM

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Every time you
Up and gone
Meet me up and gone
For as long
As he can

Lonesome wind has
Come again
And he will ride that
Lonesome train
And it's all
The same to him

Baby's back
Should be at his back
And she crumbles
Saying left you alone
But you was
Up and gone
Forever all
He may have know

Turn you in to my best friend
I waited all alone
Waitin' for the telephone
But you were
Up and gone
Forever all he'd know

Now you know
Guess you've always known
It's no secret
That he's never coming home
'Cause you were up and gone
Forever all we'd know

Everytime you
Up and gone
Meet me
Up and gone for as long
As he can

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