Unwritten Law Lyrics

Who is Unwritten Law:
(from left to right)

Pat Kim (Bass)
Rob Brewer (Guitar)
Scott Russo (Vocals)
Steve "Kid" Morris (Guitar)
Wade Youman (Drums)

Combining pure rock energy, punk rock styling, heart and
soul, Unwritten Law provides a music experience like no
other. The boundless energy that emanates from vocalist
Scott Russo and his fellow band mates on stage is
unparallel by many modern day rock groups.

Hailing from Poway, Southern California, Unwritten Law
comes from the same neighborhood as punk rockers Blink 182.
Yet unlike More...

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Review about Unwritten Law songs
IT MEANS WHAT U THINK IT MEANS! | Reviewer: jesslynnherron
    ------ About the song Seein' Red performed by Unwritten Law

Everyone is going to interpret in there own way, regardless it is a song about seeing red weather it be being hurt, numb and pissed off, confused, in a rut! Sometimes u gotta bust through the redd looking glass and follow a greener side:) San Diego Cali here I come! Writing through a friends point of view and one day I will follow the leader!!! :) ... Wow now that is out there, but even better I applied to to my real life! It means what u think it means!

my daughter | Reviewer: linz
    ------ About the song Cailin performed by Unwritten Law

i have alittle sister named katelyn and when this song first came out and me and my ex were together (for 5 years) and we were discussing children he refused to have a daughter with the name of cailin! i just had my baby girl 3 years ago and named her after my favorite song; her name is cailyn and she is my angel! so glad that song came out cuz it is how i feel

My dad | Reviewer: Cailin
    ------ About the song Cailin performed by Unwritten Law

I'm am 21 years old and my name is Cailin, spelt the same way. My dad says your song come out not long after I was born! How amazing, I do not know anyone with the same name, let alone spelt the same. And to have a song about me Is great!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cailin performed by Unwritten Law

My name is Spelled the same way Cailin and it is heard the same way that is my name, anyway I looked up cailin on the computer and it came up with this song i literally freaked out when i heard it because I'm in fourth grade and I'm 9 years old, I'm a little girl too!

My dreamgal | Reviewer: Samuel
    ------ About the song Cailin performed by Unwritten Law

This is a sweet song song and its very close to my heart cause theres this girl that i.m inlove with her name is cailin and she knows how i feel about her but we not together yet but i hope that we can be together in the near future and love each other till eternity mwah love and thank you unwritten stars

seriously | Reviewer: xTaintedxxLovex
    ------ About the song Teenage Suicide performed by Unwritten Law

I think about it sometimes. but i know that i have things to live for. i never thought that people especially those of mi genoration. its hard to beleive but we have about going on and its mostly becasue of bulling and just cronic depression. iknow how it feels to hurt so so much

Thats my name! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cailin performed by Unwritten Law

The first time I listened to this song I swear I freaked out a few times! XD My name is spelled Kalynn but it sounds exactly the same. My ex-boyfriend had this song on his playlist before he met me so it was a lil funny when I heard it.

ExBoyfriend of 10 years | Reviewer: anne
    ------ About the song Cailin performed by Unwritten Law

This song was my exboyfriend and my song and we used to sing to it and jsut fell in love with it since the first time we heard it. we have both moved on since 4 months ago after being together for 10 years so its hard to hear it and to not think of him. It makes me sad to know he an di arent togther and to see him with somebody else but I know in my heart he and I are both happier and he deserves it more than anything. I am finally happpy as well too.....but I still miss him sometimes and think about him often...Its still new and were together for 1o years..ya know?

emaus | Reviewer: renee
    ------ About the song Teenage Suicide performed by Unwritten Law

I no tht sumtimes in life y dnt feel like u cn do it nemore, like u can't go on. Sometimes tlkin to a really good friend or ur mum. Sum1 in ur family ur really close. Works. They say being a teenager is the hardest part of life. Nd im gonna agree. 99% of teenagers go through this. Some make it out. Thankfuly. Nd others sadly don't. Make a list of the things that make yu happy. Nd do thm a few times a day. Tlk 2 some1 who makes u smile like no1 else. Nd at the end of this, it will get better. x

The REAL Band. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Your My Angel performed by Unwritten Law

It actually is by Slick Shoes.
This song is said to be by so many different people.. but if you listen to other songs by each of the bands you can tell that it was definitely Slick Shoes. It sounds nothing like Unwritten Law.
Also both do not play it, because this song always sounds exactly the same. It is always the version by Slick Shoes.

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